1. C

    FOR SALE: 2010 GMC Savanna with Hyrdromaster 4.8 CDS Salsa

    2010 GMC Savanna $26,500 includes all Tools Mileage – 50,840 Hydromaster 4.8 CDS with Salsa Unit Unit Hours – 3,363 Auto Vac wheel on peddle 104 gal Fresh Water Tank Softener System Attached shelves for Chemicals and Tools Carpet Stair tool Evolution wand for carpet SX12 RX20 Commercial...
  2. cnfservicesca

    Specials Why Carpet Cleaning is Necessary?

    Everyone loves to keep carpets around them. Carpets actually make the home look way more attractive. Nowadays, everyone purchase carpets in home. It is not only good at making the home look attractive, but also useful for many purposes. We always take care of the things we love, and the same...
  3. Johnny Bravo

    Butler Truck Mount in Dodge 3/4 Van Fully Loaded For Sale

    1990 Dodge 3/4 Ton Van with a Butler Truck mount with fresh water tanks, waste tank, solution line and reel, vacuum hose and reel, wands, chemicals, and generator all for $3,500 The van has been taken care of very well from what I've seen. This is a fully loaded van and Butler Truck Mount for...
  4. StephenPJ

    Light smoke remediation

    Nevada, along with other states, is facing significant smoke from neighboring fires (thank you California!). Most homes have little odor that is noticeable, but allergy-like symptoms are more than normal. Do any of you have proven procedures / products to assist with this, beyond simply cleaning...
  5. visaldigital

    Best Cleaning Products Supplier in Qatar |

    Best Cleaning Products Supplier in Qatar | Hi Care Hygiene Solutions is a trustworthy cleaning products supplier, importer-exporter based in Doha, Qatar Being a trusted name in the industry, we only deliver high quality products to our valuable customers to meet their...
  6. silbchris

    Cleaning Gloves

    Hi everyone, I love dipping in and out of these forums for advice. I've found as I've got older my hands are getting more and more irritated by the sprays and bleaches I'm using when cleaning. I was looking to buy gloves like this... Does anyone have any recommendations? And also know of...
  7. P

    Carpet Cleaning Equipment - truck mounted

    Hi all! I'd like to find a home for some industrial truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment. $2,000 or best offer. Needs to be unbolted and removed from a van. Could potentially unbolt before pick-up. Willing to work it out, email with questions. Looking to get rid of it ASAP. Would love to...
  8. albertdsarabia

    HydraMaster PEX 500 Carpet Extractor with Heat - $2,800

    The HydraMaster PEX 500 Carpet Extractor is the result of years of extensive engineering and design experience and customer feedback coming together to create one of the most powerful and user-friendly portable extractors ever made. if you are interested please call jesus mendez at 9842202012
  9. M

    Microfiber Towels | Suggestions or Tips

    Looking for some microfiber recommendations. Has anyone tried any Amazon brands? Companies like Towel Titan have told me they get the same towels as Chem Guys, Rag Company, and Meguiars overseas and price them for professionals. Anyone tried these or other brands? I would rather value shop or...
  10. cbsgosoft123

    Janitorial Bidding software

    “The bidding has just begun. It will be fascinating to see how the battle develops”, bidding is no less than waging a war amongst several other competitors to win a business contract. Given the fact that there are several players in the cleaning business, how you bid makes a lot of difference...
  11. H

    Looking for a carpet cleaner service you can trust?

    When you have your carpet cleaned by Handyfox you can rest assured the stains, spots, odors and ground in dirt will be gone when they are finished Our professionally trained team applies a two step cleaning process to help you maintain the beauty and appearance of your upholstery. We guarantee...
  12. D

    24 year old Carpet & rug, upholstery cleaning, water restoration business for sale in Colorado Springs Colorado

    Services we provide: Carpet & rug & upholstery, tile & grout cleaning residential & commercial Carpet repair & installation residential & commercial Water damage restoration for residential and commercial. Duct system cleaning residential only. Well established business founded 1994. Multi...
  13. A

    2017 Dodge Ram Promaster

    Hi Everyone, I Bought this van and added brand new carpet cleaning equipment(22.5HP) with intent on using it. Unfortunately I'm going a different route and I'm looking to sell it. The van only has 3,000 miles on it and the carpet cleaning equipment has only been tested never used. If you want to...
  14. Matt M

    TMF Revolution Titanium Wand Opinions?

    I'm considering purchasing this wand as it looks like a well built and priced wand. I was wondering if anyone has bought one and has any reviews on it? I've messaged the sale team with some questions on it last week but unfortunately haven't received any response as of yet. It seems like it's a...
  15. Justin Arnot

    Effective ways to cleaning customers

    What should be the effective ways to get positive review from customers on cleaning services ?
  16. Shannon D.

    Regarding RobbDNY. With a broken heart

    It is with a heavy and broken heart that Robb unexpectedly passed away 2/3. Leaving behind our 7 year old daughter & myself. Our two mini Dachshunds and all of his family. Needing someone to contact me please about his TM. I have been trying to get ahold of Rob Allen. He was an active member...

    Tennant Nobles EX-SC-716 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor

    We have a bunch of these in stock. Great for maintenance cleaning in schools, movie theaters and other large areas. $1399 plus freight. Tennant’s EX-SC-716 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor cleans small areas and fits under furniture for a more complete clean: Clean under desks and counters with...
  18. L

    Sealing Grout...FYI

    I found this quote on a website (referenced and quoted from TMF), and trying to figure out what this means..."A high-quality sealer will keep your grout protected and looking new for 3-5 years, other sealers that is not as high of quality will only provide you with 1-2 years of protection."...
  19. Katie

    Designing a New Product for Janitorial Staffs! Input Appreciated!

    Hi! My name is Katie, and I'm a design student at the University of Michigan! My design team and I are currently working on a product to help alleviate pain due to lifting heavy trash bags and containers. We want out product to be janitor-centered. We've interviewed a few custodians at our...
  20. T

    License Purchase or Monthly As-A-Service?

    What is typical in the industry... do most of you purchase your biz mgmt. software outright once, or do you buy the monthly subscription types? What is most appealing and why?
  21. Ron Musgraves

    Who's Cleaning for REIT'S ?????

    With Homes rentals Higher than they have been in the last 50 years i would think this would be a strategy for some carpet cleaning guys. Some of these REITS are in control of 100,000 of single family homes. Is anyone having success?