1. BFLaw

    Equipment Liquidation Sale - Tennant, Karcher, Cimex, and more

    Due to the death of the owner/operator, all equipment is being liquidated by the family. Pickup Location: Springfield, MO Contact number: 417-693-9909 Contact email: [email protected] Reconditioned Tennant T16 - Ride-on floor scrubber Asking price: $11,000 Note: Only used 4 times since...
  2. Tcoulter

    Getting into VLM, needing advice with logistics of Cimex

    I just measured for a company that wants me to clean 3 massive apartment buildings common areas, mostly hallways. The apartments are for residents 55+, and they are all new, built within last 3 years. I have done massive jobs like this with my TM before, and it was a real hassle. Too long of...
  3. Canada-Eh

    Canadian deal of the week for sure

    Check out Cimex Pads Beige for Cimex Carpet Machine CR48CM
  4. Dedicated

    Equipment for sale

    2 Cimexs, one needs new pad holders, 4 portables(one needs new pump) all have hose sets,cords and wands and a couple extra wands, 3 spotting machines, 5 rubbermaid cans with dollies, carpet dying kit, mold testing(air sampling) kit. can text or email photos upon request. I'm located in Birdsboro...
  5. Canada-Eh

    Wanted: used Cimex

    I am always on the hunt for used Cimex machines in any condition. Please e-mail [email protected] Thanks
  6. flashsplat

    Cimex for sale...

    Hey guys, i didn't see a for sale section in the forum anywhere. If I missed it please let me know! I closed my business and I'm just trying to sell off some of the goodies. My craigslist post is here: Would prefer local pickup but If i ship...