1. newcarpetguy84

    New to carpet clean business

    Hey everyone, I’m new and look to get into carpet cleaning? Would what would be a nice set up for a TM, what size of van would work? Would you use a compact cargo? Or would you need something longer? Trying to find a great place to start from Chems to Wands thanks everyone for your help
  2. Tidyerclean

    Steamway galaxy 4100 question

    Hello, so I bought a van with the steamway mastermatic galaxy 4100 And the previous owner had the chemical injection taken out and he was just using pre spray forever. I want to get it hooked back up so I picked up everything to repair and bring this machine back to its full potential, but...
  3. W

    What are the best Natural carpet cleaning solutions & presprays on the market?

    New to carpet and tile cleaning! While we are starting off we are using the standard chemicals but we really want to move towards an all-natural cleaning service (or at least more natural) while still getting the job done quickly. What are the best all-natural products on the market?
  4. Symanz

    Upholstery dry cleaning

    Hello all, Bridgepoint Systems and Esteam discontinued their upholstery dry cleaning products and there is not a replacement. What do you use for a fabrics that are not wet cleanable?
  5. IsaiahT

    Best portable for my new rotovac Power-wand

    (Title was supposed to say portable not piety. Haha!) Hey guys, I'm new to this business and just found a steal of a deal on a Power-wand from Rotovac. I'm trying to figure out what kind of portable unit I should use and if I shall have a standard wand on hand as well. Also would love some...
  6. T

    Van and Truckmount Texas Panhandle- Price Drop!

    For Sale By Owner, please respond to this thread or email [email protected] Clear Title Ready to sale today LOCATED IN CHILDRESS, TX Priced for Immediate sale at $11,000 Buyer must travel to Childress for this price Chem-tex Panther 25 hp 861 hours on machine Everything runs and works...
  7. C

    How to clean smelly microwave oven

    Hi all, So first I had a problem with a burnt smell coming out of the microwave oven, probably due to some leftovers of food. After I cleaned it with vinegar, it helped very little, plus the oven started smelling of vinegar. Then I used a cleaning foam (GreatValue HeavyDuty Oven Cleaner, if...
  8. Carlos Raimundi


    hey I'm new to carpet cleaning i will like to know if anyone know what chemicals to use and where to buy them .i was thinking on buying a 175 with a tank or a hos spray burg any advise on that ? i will be doing 70% residential 20% commercial any advice techniques and tip i will appreciate thank...
  9. Predict

    Knowing your chemicals

    I'm very new to the business with no experience in carpet cleaning before hand. My main concern is knowing what and how much chemical to use. How much prespray or soap to use? Or trying to remove coffee stains or red stains what chemicals I'm allowed to mix to make it stronger or how much I need...