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  1. Alannj

    WHy your home need Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control?

    Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control? They can be harmful, spread disease, cause allergies and needless stress when pests get in your carpets and upholstery. A regular, professional cleaning can serve as a preventive measure against pests, in addition to keeping your carpets and furniture at a high...
  2. C

    Please help my wife and I decide on the best carpet cleaning machine...

    Hi All, I'm totally new to this and would really appreciate some feedback please. My wife and I are due to launch a new carpet cleaning business and have spent time looking into the different models from the: - Prochem Galaxy with wand and hose - Craftex Sabrina 5000 - Rug doctor X3...
  3. T

    Yelp advertising

    So I'm a relatively new floor cleaning business. I started Dec 2019. So far all of my work has been obtained from Yelp. But I'm so torn by their fees and I feel like I'm getting screwed as it feels like they pick and choose what "they feel" is right. Plus I feel that people who request services...
  4. Alannj

    Role of Cleaning Workers during Covid 19 Virus

    We know in few last months COVID-19 started & every country was affected. While most of us are staying home and social distancing, some workers are not that lucky. Among those most at risk of COVID-19 are janitors, domestic workers, housekeeping and office cleaning crews. But Cleaning Workers...
  5. abooker

    Brand New, Never Used Carpet Cleaner/Water Extractor for sale, great for carpet cleaning or restoration business

    I have a Water Claw (the real water claw)-brand new in the Box Never Used I have a Prospector® PE5003 Carpet Extractor with Heat, 500 PSI, Dual 3‑Stage motors with (carpet wand) and all of the hoses and connectors- retail price for the machine alone is typically about $4,000+ I'm asking for...
  6. Tomin90266

    Genesis 950 2.5 Gallon + Spigot

    I only used less than 1/2 gallon, still 80% full. Paid $80...its yours for $40. Professional Strength Concentrate, Pet Odor Eliminator, Pet Stain Remover, Carpet Cleaner Shampoo & All Purpose Green Cleaner, Make Stains, Oil/Grease Water Soluble
  7. J

    Portables and RX-20 For Sale

    We are DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration in Springfield Va. We have over 800+ 5 star reviews! Today we’re clearing out some items that we no longer use but are still in good condition! 1) Carpet Cleaning Rx-20 Rotary - $1000 2) Dual 3 Stage - Rotovac Ranger CFX Portable Machine w/ 27 Gallon...
  8. U

    ProChem Legend-XL Carpet Cleaning Steamer system [Comes with FREE 2003 GMC Savana w/ 122k miles ]

    -Regularly Serviced ( Service logs available from InterLink Supplies in Lorton, VA) -Low Hours (536 hrs.) Truck mount - ProChem Legend-XL Carpet Steam Cleaning system with 100 Gallon waste tank & Optional 60 Gallon Belly fresh water tank included. Mounted on 2003 GMC Savana cargo van (~122k...
  9. windowcleaningdublin

    Jaguar Carpet Cleaning Machine

    Hi Guys Have any of yous ever heard of a jaguar carpet cleaning machine? The description is mad. 800 psi pump. 3 times more powerful than my steam pro machine
  10. P

    Carpet Cleaning Equipment - truck mounted

    Hi all! I'd like to find a home for some industrial truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment. $2,000 or best offer. Needs to be unbolted and removed from a van. Could potentially unbolt before pick-up. Willing to work it out, email with questions. Looking to get rid of it ASAP. Would love to...
  11. carpetcleaningdublin

    Carpet Cleaning Powders Or Liquid Shampoos?

    Hi I love my carpet cleaning powder. Easy to use, highly concentrated, PH 12, deodorised, easy to store, etc. For me is a the best product ever. But i had a chat with few other carpet cleaning contractors that were 100% against powders. They were complaining about fittings getting blocked...
  12. carpetcleaningdublin

    Do People Review Businesses?

    Hi I am keeping an eye on my competition. They have over 400 google reviews received in 2 years. I am doing few hundreds jobs per year, very little complains, and in 12 years i have received 5 reviews. How do you get 400 reviews? 90% of my customers don`t even have a google account to review...
  13. carpetcleaningdublin

    Scotchgard - It is worth it?

    Hi Guys We do a lot of carpet cleaning, commercial & domestic. Up to now, we were not quoting for protectors because some bad experience we had few years back (the carpet has reacted and it turned up all pink). But more and more of my customers are looking for protectors. I just want to ask...
  14. carpetcleaningdublin

    Do leaflets still work?

    Hi Guys I was thinking to do a bit of extra advertising before Christmas. I am ok online but i want to attract the older market as well, people that don`t use the internet that much. I was thinking to do a campaign with 15k leaflets to cover my area. My wife is totally against it because most...
  15. carpetcleaningdublin

    Carpet Cleaning or Sofa Cleaning

    I dont know about America, but in Ireland people only go for specific websites. If you have house painting company you wont make a lot of money. But if you have an exterior house painting company, you will be busy. People love to see that x company only does one thing. Do you think is a good...
  16. carpetcleaningdublin

    Dry V Extraction Carpet Cleaning

    Hi Guys Most of the american franchises are selling "dry carpet cleaning franchises" in Europe. But from what i read online, including this forum, most people seem to be using extraction carpet cleaning systems. So what system is more popular in America? Most Europeans seem to think that all...
  17. sofacleaningdublin

    Organic Carpet & Sofa Cleaning Products?

    Hi O own a medium size carpet cleaning & sofa cleaning company. We try to use only eco shampoos but we find it pretty hard to achieve good results. Up to now we have used Ecotex & Prochem Natural Shampoo but it is pretty useless on dirty fibres or carpets. I have notice that there are few...
  18. J

    TMT 1500 Trailer and Equipment for Sale $20k

    I own a 3 year old single axle Trailer with a Rage 1500 psi motor that I purchased new from TMT in October of 2016. I used it for about 1 year before my business transitioned into Hardwood Floors so I no longer need this equipment. The trailer comes with everything you need to start your own...
  19. G

    Roots 45U-RAI Blower

    It is in great shape. barely used. was installed in a truckmount that I built. Well Maintained pic for reference only $1900.00 OBO
  20. G

    vacuum Hose for sale

    vacuum Hose for sale 2"x50' 60.00 ea., 1-1/2"x50' 40.00 ea
  21. C

    Googles's new algorithm; is it affecting your traffic?

    So, Google rolled out a new algorithm. I was capitalizing on the traffic from Google Business Places, but it seems like there has been a drop. I use only white hat tactics so my traffic should not be affected. Is anyone else experiencing a drop or a sudden uptick in their traffic? Here is the...
  22. D

    CARPET CLEANING VAN | TRUCKMOUNT | ALL TOOLS LISTED FULLY STOLEN MY LIFE SAVINGS | HOW I FEED MY FAMILY !! Gofundme page in description link....thanks They have STOLEN HOW I PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE AND PAY MY RENT AND EVERYTHING!!! Please HELP CATCH THEM!!!!! License plate # 35352V1 Vin # 1GC6625V171160211...
  23. D


    They have STOLEN HOW I PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE AND PAY MY RENT AND EVERYTHING!!! Please HELP CATCH THEM!!!!! License plate # 35352V1 Vin # 1GC6625V171160211 Attached is proof of this is not male belief!! 2007 GMC CHEVY cargo van 2500 Express model with mint great condition TruckMount PROCHEM...
  24. J

    2015 Chevrolet Express 2500 Extended van + Truck Mount + Accessories $29,999

    2015 Chevrolet Express 2500 Extended van, 63k miles only, excellent condition, clean title Chemtex Panther 30 Truck Mount, barely used Truck mount cleaning accessories/tools $29,999 only Contact: 832-881-zero-three-one-two
  25. J

    Discount Sale: Van, Chemtex Truck Mount Machine, Accessories

    2015 Chevrolet Express 2500 Extended van, 63k miles only, excellent condition, clean title Chemtex Panther 30 Truck Mount, barely used Truck mount cleaning accessories/tools $29,999 only Contact: 832-881-zero-three-one-two