carpet cleaning equipment

  1. Floor Masters Montana

    2006 E350 Box Van

    For Sale Ford E350 Box Van excellent condition, well maintained. Set up with a Steamway Legacy 2100, Hydramaster Rx20, and Rx12, Unit is loaded with all the necessary tools to perform Carpet, and Tile Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Flood Extraction, and Carpet repair. To much to list.For more...
  2. G

    vacuum Hose for sale

    vacuum Hose for sale 2"x50' 60.00 ea., 1-1/2"x50' 40.00 ea
  3. G

    hose reel for sale

    Hose reel 300.00
  4. G

    Carpet cleaning equipment for sale

    Roller Vac with 80lbs weights 400.00
  5. aknight

    2007 Carpet Cleaning Van, HydraMaster Titan 575 Truckmount, Equipment and Supplies READY FOR BUSINESS!

    Sale includes 2007 Ford Econoline E150 Series Van, Truck mounted HydraMaster Titan 575, fresh water tank, dump tank, water softener, solution hoses, vacuum hoses, carpet wand, swivel stair wand, upholstery and tile cleaning tools, air movers and the best carpet cleaning products and solutions...
  6. Dave Weidlich

    Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Applicator

    Fast and easy dispensing of HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner. The applicator has three “smart settings” for light, medium and heavy soil. The applicator reduces material costs by dispensing an accurate, controlled amount of HOST. And, it lowers labor costs. Lightweight and maneuverable, it is ideal for...
  7. Dave Weidlich

    Handle and Cord for Host T6 Carpet Cleaner

    I have some extra Host T6 Carpet Cleaner (CRB machine) equipment that I no longer need. This is a used - in good condition - handle for a Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System T6 machine Also included: an end cap for the handle and brand new 12' cord, which fits a Host T6 machine...
  8. Joe The plumber

    Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages, whats is your thoughts about it?

    Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages With 143 Water Lift & with 190 CFM What is your experience using it or what is your thoughts about it? How effective is the 360i when operating it with the Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages? Is it a low maintenance? Does it have issues often? Do you guys think...
  9. Dave Weidlich

    Host Dry Extraction T6 Machine for Sale (CRB)

    The Host Dry Extraction machine uses the Host micro-sponges and is ideal for cleaning Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and other area rugs of wool, silk or other natural fibers as well as synthetic fibers. It also works well with wall-to-wall carpet. Besides cleaning and sanitizing carpet, it leaves...