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carpet cleaner

  1. J

    Selling Prochem Legend Truckmount, Romulus MI

    Make me an Offer. Purchased for 18k. Electric hose Reel Waste water Tank 70 gFresh water tank Shelves for chemicals Everything in picture for sell. 2016 transit Call me (248)-905-1480
  2. R

    Ed Valentine

    First off, I'm not here to promote a product. I'm not here to kiss butt, although it may seem that way after you read this. But when I call a company and start speaking with some random guy for 20 minutes, never feeling like I'm being sold something, and not being told who I'm speaking with...
  3. E

    How to make homes neat and clean with cleaning products?

    Ezy Eco provides, eco-friendly cleaning products made up of organic compounds. These products are chemical and toxic free, do not cause any harm to skin, health, and pet. All these products are prepared by specialists and are fully capable of removing strong stains from floor, kitchen, glass and...
  4. johng747

    FOR SALE: 2011 Prochem Truckmount - ONE OWNER - Orlando

    Start or Expand your own Carpet Cleaning Business with a Professional Prochem Legend GT Truck Mount Unit INCLUDES 300 ft of both solution and vacuum hose Hose Reels Unit has just over 2,000 hours and was operated by ONE owner. The truck mount received regular maintenance including oil...
  5. Joe The plumber

    Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages, whats is your thoughts about it?

    Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages With 143 Water Lift & with 190 CFM What is your experience using it or what is your thoughts about it? How effective is the 360i when operating it with the Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages? Is it a low maintenance? Does it have issues often? Do you guys think...
  6. J

    A few questions about Goliath if you used it please share your feedback

    Hi A few questions about the Goliath flood pump extractor. 1. Is it easy to move it and handle it like a regular extractor, carry in stairs and etc...? 2. How many cords it have? A) is it have regular cords that can be plug anywhere in someone house to a regular electric outlet? B) how...
  7. J

    Turnkey Carpet Business

    Carpet cleaning van/equipment for sale: · Turnkey carpet cleaning operation. Everything you need to start a carpet cleaning business or expand your current business. Everything purchased new from Jon-Don in 2007 or later. Selling because we are retiring. Paid over $60,000. · 2007...
  8. Frank House

    Carpet Mills warranty information

    This is a list of the warranty information from different carpet mills and what they recommend. This is for cleaning of the carpet per warranty of the manufacture of carpet Mohawk Even with regular vacuuming, soil particles and oily dirt will cling to carpet fibers. Foot traffic drives these...