1. Johnny Bravo

    Butler Truck Mount in Dodge 3/4 Van Fully Loaded For Sale

    1990 Dodge 3/4 Ton Van with a Butler Truck mount with fresh water tanks, waste tank, solution line and reel, vacuum hose and reel, wands, chemicals, and generator all for $3,500 The van has been taken care of very well from what I've seen. This is a fully loaded van and Butler Truck Mount for...
  2. Matt Smith

    The LittleBig Truck

    This compact truck has seating for 3 technicians, a vast amount of storage area and is exceptionally maneuverable. These trucks are an ideal carpet cleaning and first response vehicle equipped with a 12' box, a payload capacity of 3800 lbs. and competitively priced at $44,900.00! Also, check out...
  3. Edwin Camacho

    Butler Maximum Tile, Grout and Hard Surface Cleaner

    A concentrated alkaline cleaner with corrosion inhibitors for cleaning tile, grout and hard surfaces. Formulated with anionic and non-ionic surfactants, builders, sequestering agents, anti-corrosion agents and penetrants for loosening soil and caked in dirt. Effective for the removal of most...