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butler repair

  1. qaverett

    Buying equipment out west

    I'm new to this forum. I'm purchasing an existing carpet cleaning company which is profitable but is also using really old equipment. I live in the western United States area. I'm having trouble locating reputable dealers or distributors in my area where I can buy used or new equipment. Any...
  2. J

    Butler System will not start....

    I am working on a 2011 Chevy with a butler system. The problem started when the system would not build up pressure but still would engage and the pump would still run. after trying to diagnose the water pressure issue the unit just stopped coming on completely. (red light on engage switch) went...
  3. D

    Buter belt modification

    I have a 2000 butler and I'd like to replace the drive belts with a multi-v belt. I've heard of some who have done it, does anyone have the list of parts necessary and where to get them? I know Cleanco is run with multi-v belt, is it interchangeable? Its in a Chevy Express van.