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  1. C

    Selling CarpetMax VLM Encapsulation Beast

    Hello, I am selling 1 of my CarpetMax's which were produced by BonnetPro. This particular unit only has 38hrs on it. Barely broken in! New Batteries were installed last year. Clean up too 22,000sqft on a single charge. It comes with a battery charger, 2 multi brush heads which can hold either...
  2. RRRyan

    Encap Experiment(pics): Newbie w/ 175

    (Warning: cheap newbie doing an experiment. Helpful criticism welcomed. I want to Encap Carpet clean the carpet in my room. Carpet condition: some black stains, dirty, not super soiled. Here's my tools 1. 175 Clarke American Sander 16 (rented $25) 2. Scrub brush "20 3. Bonnet w/ green...