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  1. S

    Bigred perkins 4801M & ISUZU 3KC1 TRUCKMOUNTS4SALE

    I have 2 bigred truckmountsteam cleaners, perkins 4108M 4 cylender 51hp deisel marine engine w/3600 hours on it ,has a rockford power take off clutch"indestructible pto" hooked. To pressure pump and extractor vacuum,motor is also used in sail boats -wood chippers,loaders etc,everything is...
  2. faith452

    Truckmount Water Heating

    Hey guys, I'm looking for more heat from my truck mount, what i have at the moment is a bates big red truckmount it's the gasoline version. It heats water by running it through the engine block, this is pretty decent but it doesn't really get as hot as i would like, what i have been doing is...