area rug cleaning

  1. pgcleaner

    Tips for getting into area rugs top down style.

    I did my first area rug job. Two shaggy 100% polypropylene rugs. Easy. Low heat and pressure with an acid rinse. I put a blower on each one and they were dry before I left. I am going out to give an estimate for two rugs and drapes. One wool rug and one silk rug. I plan to read the tags, bleed...
  2. carpet cleaning ny

    Area Rug Cleaning NYC is a local organic carpet cleaning service based in Manhattan, NY. The company offers full range of cleaning and repairing area rugs. Free estimate onsite, pickup & delivery.
  3. Joe The plumber

    Extremely stinky wool RUG that has been havvily soaked with urin for a long time

    This is my first off site area rug cleaning so I can use any help that you guys can kindly extend toward me. Ive recently picked up 8x10 (80sqf) 50 years old low quality machine made wool rug that is heavily soaked with dogs urine deep inside and all across the rug also this rug is extremely...