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  1. T

    Duct Cleaning Equipment for Sale

    Hi guys, We've decided to get out of the air duct cleaning business and are selling our equipment. This is a professional grade setup that will allow you to clean to NADCA standards using negative pressure. We have: 2001 Hudson enclosed trailer, Abatement Technologies HEPA-AIRE 2500IV...
  2. Martinez Nadia

    Ways that HVAC Lead Generation Companies Can Get You Better Results

    In the air duct cleaning business, it’s all about results. You want to deliver your customer impeccable service so that they’ll keep coming back to you over and over again. For example you want to get positive results from your HVAC lead generation company. If you aren’t already using HVAC...
  3. J

    Starting Air Duct Cleaning- Residential and Commercial

    Hello! My company is just getting started with air duct cleaning, and I wanted to reach out to guys for some advice. A used carpet cleaning truck came with the "duct wizard" A vacuum brush system, has anyone used this before? I have only used it a couple of times but have not been impressed-...
  4. Joe The plumber

    Choosing Negative air machine

    What do you guys think about Hypervac hybrid negative air 2700cfm or 3000cfm Vs Air care he TurboJet SuperMax negative air 3500cfm weight 150lbs Or TurboJet Max negative air 126lbs 2700cfm
  5. J

    Water Lift/CFM in Airduct Cleaning w a Hose The

    Im interested in parts, TurboBright Airduct Cleaning and Air Care CE1958D Cable Vac Hose (operate by a drill), the purpose of cleaning airduct. For this purpose, I'm looking for an appropriate machine to attach with the above parts for maximum cleaning effect. What is the optimal CFM and Water...
  6. airductz

    new van mounted air duct cleaning machine for sale

    i have a new american thunder vac van mount , this unit creates 8000cfm and has a built in air compressor that has 18cfm and 175psi . this is not a fan mounted to an engine shaft, this unit is the strongest built machine you will see on the market and compact. machine only $6,500.00 add 100' 8"...