1. L

    Hot Rod Handle still made?

    Hi, does anyone know if the Hot Rod handle is still being made or where I might find/buy something similar, used or new? I can't seem to find anything similar. Thanks so much!
  2. L

    Long pole or handle for (hand polisher/buffer) motorized grout, tile, scrubber and carpet agitator (Hot Rod Handle)

    Hello, I've spent the last week reading through this forum and was hoping to get a little creative input. I've been using a few different brushes, attached to my drill, to scrub grout lines and tile, carpeted stairs, and stubborn stains in my carpet (before running my Big Green Machine to clean...
  3. J

    Agitated about agitation

    Hey guys, So for Carpet cleaning I've always used the old fashion carpet rakes, but I've been wanting to upgrade for awhile and now it's time. I've heard good things about the brush pro- I've seen it work and I think it looks great. One of my trusted carpet cleaning "advisors" says that he...