1. N

    I could really use some guidance. It would mean the world to a soon-to-be business owner.

    So, I need a little bit of ‘hand-holding’ and I hope you all can help me, or at least point me towards some helpful resources, such as by sending useful links. My plan is to start a commercial cleaning business, starting just with myself as the sole employee and hopefully growing from there...
  2. J

    Canadian Startup

    Hi all, I'm looking to start a small residential service which would be a one-man operation for now and be operated out of a pickup truck. I know it's not optimal, but it's all I have. My personal life, and now business life took an unexpected turn so I'm looking for some advice. I would be...
  3. CCS Canopy Cleaning

    Looking for advice in setting up prices for hood and duct cleaning services

    Hi all, We're fairly new to the duct, kitchen and hood cleaning industry and we're looking for some solid ways to structure our prices for the service and what's your experience in this. Thanks
  4. B

    Advice for buying this E-350 van

    Hi, I'm about to buy this Ford E-350 15 passengers van from 2012, 77 000 miles (125 000 km) for 12 500 USD. The engine and transmission look fine, but I see three potential issues: i) rust, ii) damage on roof, iii) damage on front bumper. Do you think that's a big deal? Would it be expensive to...
  5. PortyStarr

    New Member (porty) Thoughts?

    Hey everyone! I have been lurking the forums for about 8 months and thought I would make a profile / start posting. This forum has been a lot of help and I appreciate everyone's thoughts. Me and my wife will be starting a part time carpet & upholstery cleaning service here in the midwest. I...