1. Jeff Citro

    how Has Covid Affected Your Business

    I am curious, how has Covid 19 affected your business. I have been in business for 27 years and this has been the slowest year ever. It seems my regular residential clients are not calling very much and new clients are all but nonexistent. I have talked to a couple of carpet cleaners in my area...
  2. N

    Best way to advertise for carpet steaming?

    I’m new to the carpet cleaning game. I was wondering what’s the best way to advertise? I post to all the free facebook groups and even posted a couple Facebook adds. I’m also working on a website, which I hope will gain me more clients. What else should I do?
  3. Jon Grubb

    What's a truckmount?

    (Kidding). Hi all! I'm Jon. I've been in the industry since 2006, joined a franchise system in 2009 (worked for the mothership that is), came to my senses and started my own company in 2013. Here's what I know: 1) advertising and marketing 2) "web" stuff 3) franchise systems 4) list-making...
  4. Predict

    Billboard anyone?

    Anyone brave enough to get a billboard over the highway? I don't know about you city guys I'm sure prices are crazy, but I've always wondered if I just cut all my advertising and put it all on a great looking billboard "free estimate, free Scotchgard"
  5. Derek Wright

    Best Website Practices for Professional Carpet Cleaners

    Looking for the best website tips? Please see attached. #4 may surprise you. For more info click here to visit our blog. Thanks in advance ! Best Website Practices for Professional Carpet Cleaners by Derek Wright posted Jul 6, 2017 at 11:35 AM
  6. shane deubell

    Do YOU Know How To Set Up An Advertising Funnel?

    This is a blog and video example of an advertising sales funnel. A funnel is basically a step by step follow up process for leads. Example Blog
  7. Predict

    Advertising, such thing as to much?

    I'm in my first year of the business. My advertising so far is Google ads and Google maps roughly around 750$ month and it usually doesn't hit the max budget. I live in a town of 70k people with maybe dozen other carpet cleaners. I worry about over advertising. Is there such thing? Spending more...
  8. rccva

    Local Phone Book Advertising... Worth the expense?

    Sitting here paying my 3 local phone book bills I wonder if this is a waste of my money. I personally haven't used a phone book in probably 5 years. What's your opinion and how do you advertise?
  9. rccva

    Home Advisor

    Considering trying out Home Advisor, does anyone have any experience with them?
  10. Z

    Competition running AdWords

    Hi Everyone, So, figured I'd share this quick little story with everyone, hopefully you guys have a bit of advice for a newbie. I run a small cleaning business up in Virginia and do okay, especially since there are 3 national and about 15 local cleaning companies in the area. So, I got a call...
  11. Hitman

    Marketing Plan to Get 2016 to a GREAT Start

    Success does NOT happen by accident. You need to plan to be successful. Need some ideas for getting business next year? Here's an entire marketing plan with dozens of proven tactics. Some of these have gotten cleaners over a 40-to-1 return on investment. Feel free to use this as your...
  12. Carlo Pro

    EDDM or Coupons Mail

    If you made either: both or one of them, what was your result? What works better for you?
  13. Hitman

    Event Most cleaning companies spend TOO MUCH on Adwords. FREE Training Webinar

    TMF Thursday Night Webinar- Top 10 Google Adwords Pitfalls to Avoid. Most cleaning companies spend TOO MUCH on Adwords. Google Adwords is perfect for holiday marketing and any other time you need cleaning clients at the last minute. But the problem is there are several things that can EASILY...
  14. Hitman

    Thanksgiving and Fall Postcard Special

    I've gotten lots of requests over the years to offer individual postcards. Tre finally convinced me to do it. So I decided to test out offering cleaners single postcards just until the end of this month. As a LIMITED first time offer, we're doing 1000 4x6 postcards for only $99. Here are the...
  15. Hitman

    Fall/Thanksgiving Marketing Tactics

    Are you already booked until Thanksgiving? If you're a one or two truck operation, you should nearly be booked. Here's a video I recently did with a basic marketing plan of what you can RIGHT NOW to get cleaning clients right away this time of year...even if you've been slacking on your...
  16. Integrity Cleaning

    Door Hanger Advertising

    Hello everyone! This my first post so bear with me here. Here is where I am at. I own a small cleaning company (3 employees) and I did quite a lot of the cleaning myself in addition to the employees. It is all nightly janitorial and weekend office cleaning. I was working about 30 hours a...