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    Beginner tips on how get started encapping commercial with a 175

    How to get started encapping commercial carpet by using a 175 scrubber. I tried to break it down to step by step (kindergarden style) Use the brush bonnet combination pads listed here. Use a 175. (Rental for now you can get them school...
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    $10 a Gallon Gas

    There is a lot of talk about how the price of gas is expected to raise to $5 a gal this summer with the oil spill and may raise to $10 a gal if the goverment shuts down the gulf. What changes are you making in equipment, marketing or procedures to get over this hurdle? It's making electric...
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    Help Stop The Relay Phone Scam!!

    I just talked to a representative for the relay service and he gave this advice. 1.Your business is required by law to take relay calls. 2.The scam calls start with " Do you clean area rugs And do you take credit cards? 3.You can get then say that for a credit card transaction they have...
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    Omaha Cleaner?

    I have a client that needs some furniture cleaned. Call Me 402-423-7200
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    Unstable format?

    Has anyone else had this problem? The posts are blank or disappear or reappear. I have to scroll up and down, Cross my fingers, Say a short silent prayer. Then say a few magic words. Followed by more intensive scrolling. Then change up the speed of the scrolling...
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    Give it to me!

    I just revamped my home built 14 bucks a month website. I was getting a lot of [email protected] about it looking a little 1970s It is a bit of a throw back. In that it doesn't have a blog. flash. videos or any other of that fancy stuff. Check it out and give me you opinions. (I know it doesn't...
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    Wax on microfiber sofa

    Just got a call from a client with a 4"x3" wax spot on the arm and various smaller drips on a microfiber sofa. I told her it was likely irreversible due to the fibers affinity for oily spots and that most microfibers are flocked. So, I can't use any solvents.. Any suggestions?
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    Advertising Posts

    How does one get the rights to post constant advertising posts on this forum. Is it a percentage of sales, trade for free products, fee per post or monthly fee.