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    At the Hardware Store

    I never knew that would work thanks
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    If your Hydra-Force stops working-

    call me @ 908 966 8861 i bought 20 of them a long time ago and i have 18 left ill sell for 149 wayne lacey
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    Free marketing E-Book

    I would like a free e book please send to [email protected]
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    allow me to introduce myself

    butler vaccum we installed 10 foot 2.5 inch runner from the tank and run 75 of 2.5 inch than 75 of 2 inch straight to a old school wide mouth 2 inch titanium wand with glides with all the effort that still isnt drying like the old trucks with the roots blowers and we used the live reels and...
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    allow me to introduce myself

    Hi I am Wayne from spotless we run butlers and need all the help we can get our new high heat model doesnt suck like the old one. large blower 75 ft of 2.5 hose 75 of 2inch hose old school wide mouth prochem titanium wand and all, what else could we do to get 2----3 hour dry times like we used to