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    Happy birthday to America

    Happy birthday to America the best country ever. Everyone have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July. A special thank you to all those brave men , many of them farmers who left their farms to fight and give us the best country in the world.
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    Bidding a far away job by photos.

    If a job is less than 25 miles away I always pay a visit look the situation over give a bid on the spot. If it's more than 25 miles away I ask the customer to text me over some photos answer a few questions then text them a price. Most of the time it works good. Today because of the whole covid...
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    Do you have a spare tire.

    New cars are being sold without spare tires. Most people don't find out till they get a flat tire on the highway. They provide a worthless jell product that only works for very small holes. Once you use it the tire is garbage. You will end up calling a tow truck driver who will have to tow your...
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    Question about Transit connect vans

    Hi. I own a VCT stripping and waxing service going to trade in my truck. I was looking for something easier to lift heavier equipment unti. Some of my equipment weighs over 180 pounds . In my younger days no problem . I was looking at a Transit connect or a Dodge promaster city. Their load...