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  1. Tom Ingram

    What would you do and why?

    I was thinking of Encapping a 4 rooms of carpet tomorrow. Light to medium soil level on generic beige nylon carpet. I have a 15" CRB and a Hoss Orbot to choose from. Glad Pads, blue and blue/grey mf pads Chemical wise I have: DS2, Punch and Hydrox from Excellent Supply Clean N Vac and Blaze...
  2. Tom Ingram

    Educational classes at ICE

    My wife and I are attending ICE the end of the month. I have been looking at taking several classes but not really sure which ones to take... What are your thoughts? I can't find a class outline for any of the classes, that would be helpful... Thursday 1.How to Charge More for your Services and...
  3. Tom Ingram

    Home and Garden Shows

    I'm just curious. Do any of you all display in your local Home and Garden Shows? If so, how was the response? Did you use it for leads or to just get your name out there to a difference audience? I spoke with the company that operates our local show and a 10x10 is 1050.00 for 3 days. Plus...
  4. Tom Ingram

    Pricing question, again.

    I'm in the process of quoting a commercial cleaning job. 4,000 sq ft, of CGD. All open area. I have a an Orbot, Releasit DS2 and several types of pads. Will be cleaning it 4x per year.
  5. Tom Ingram

    40 year old nylon carpet

    I am quoting a 40 year old house today. It has the original carpet in it, 40 year old nylon. (Blue Flame/White Smoke) Anything special I should know? It has not been cleaned in 4 or 5 years... I should be ok using a higher ph pre spray on it? Nitro CT or Preload?
  6. Tom Ingram

    Which encap solution do you like best?

    I just got a used Hos-Orbot with the 15" head on it. I've ordered bonnets and now need some advice on chemicals. I'll be putting the solution down with a 9 gallon battery powered sprayer for now. I plan on using the machine for both residential and commercial properties. I do very few...
  7. Tom Ingram

    Seal A Door

    I just bought one of these.
  8. Tom Ingram

    Purchase vs Lease

    I'm thinking about getting a Trinity OP machine. But coughing up 3.5k going into the slow season scares me. Anyone here lease their equipment then pay it off early? Pro's / Con's?
  9. Tom Ingram

    Best chemicals for polyester

    I've run into a bunch of polyester carpet the past few days. I'm using Bridgepoints Bio-Break but I'm not getting the traffic lanes as clean as I would like. There is a gray haze there. What are you guys using to get rid of this?
  10. Tom Ingram

    Sealed Concrete

    I have about 5k of sealed concrete flooring to clean tonight. Can I use Tilemaster to clean it or is that to strong.
  11. Tom Ingram

    Thank you cards.

    I'm making up some thank you cards for my customers. What do you think of the front side?
  12. Tom Ingram

    CC needed in Cincy/Mason OH

    I have a friend that needs a lot of carpet cleaned in their home. She ask me for suggestions... Anyone on here in that area??
  13. Tom Ingram

    Concrete Floor Pricing

    I was ask to clean the concrete floor in one of the businesses I service. It's about 5,000 sq ft of sealed concrete. They just want it cleaned, not buffed, stripped or etc... Just cleaned. It should be fairly simple or so it looks. I thought about renting one of those walk behind machines...
  14. Tom Ingram

    5k feet of concrete

    One of the businesses I clean for has ask me to clean their concrete floor. Just cleaned, like a heavy duty mopping. No stripping, no polishing. Should I use my SX-15 or rent a walk behind scrubber? What about chemicals, dwell time? What A Difference - Carpet & Tile Cleaning -...
  15. Tom Ingram

    New marketing idea

    Thought about putting this on my 5x8' trailer. 2 heavy vinyl signs 4x8' plus a 2x4' sign on the back gate. Total cost about 200. Any thoughts? What A Difference - Carpet & Tile Cleaning - Lexington KY http://
  16. Tom Ingram

    SS Up tool in steps?

    I've been entertaining getting a new stair tool. Just for kicks I used my SS up tool on a set yesterday, it did a great job. Pros or cons of doing this? What A Difference - Carpet & Tile Cleaning - Lexington KY
  17. Tom Ingram

    Odor elimination / cig smoke / funk

    I've started working with a realtor in the area. He wants me to be able to eliminate odors in the homes he sells. This is after I clean the carpets. Is an ozone machine or machines the best way to do this? What A Difference - Carpet & Tile Cleaning - Lexington KY...
  18. Tom Ingram

    CRB between pews in a church

    I'm cleaning a church later this week with a CRB and I was wondering how hard it is to get between the church pews? Are there any tricks you could pass to make this job easier? What A Difference - Carpet & Tile Cleaning - Lexington KY
  19. Tom Ingram

    36 blower and ProChem quad wand

    I have a Warrior TM from TCS in ATL. It has a Kohler 19 hp and Sutorbilt™ 3L DSL @ 288 CFM vac blower which I believe is compared to a Roots 36. I run a 6' 1.5" hose to my 2" recovery hose. I'm using a standard 1.5", 2 jet generic wand with a glide. Would my system support a ProChem Quad...
  20. Tom Ingram

    Square foot pricing

    Yea I know another question on pricing. I just want to make sure my pricing is in line. I vacuum Prespray CRB Wand or 360i Fans I normally charge .25 a sq ft. I just cleaned 592 sq ft, 12 steps and charged 184.00. This was for a property manager in a small 2 bedroom townhouse. Go.......
  21. Tom Ingram

    VLM / Encap and Dog Urine

    I'm going to clean 1 8x10 polyester rug and 2 8x10 wool rugs in the next week or so. The owners dogs have pee'd on them several times. I have some DS2 to clean with. What about the spots and odor?? What should I use for that? Thanks...
  22. Tom Ingram

    Calling businesses for work

    I'm interested in doing more commercial work. Many of the companies I'm interested in working for are down town in large buildings. Am I allowed to to call them and ask for work or is that breaking the "Do not call list" or is that just for personal residences?
  23. Tom Ingram

    Matrix Bad Dog usr

    Does anyone use this? Can you use this on both dog and cat urine? If not, what's your go to cleaner?
  24. Tom Ingram

    Commercial 3x3 carpet tiles

    I'm in the process of bidding 2k of commercial carpet. It's 3x3 carpet tiles and it's olefin I believe. I'm going to hwe it. Would .20 a foot be a good number or should I go higher. Late night, weekend, 2 person job.
  25. Tom Ingram

    Open or closed sprayer on stair tool?

    I'm looking for another stair tool. I saw that PMF makes both an open and closed spray. What are you all using? I purchased a 8" x 29" tool a few months ago but don't like it, to hard to move around...