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    Black Label rinse is here!

    do you have a video on what it is and does? what would be the difference be between black label pre spray and this rinse?
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    Robs Supercap (low ph with cleaning ability?)

    I could explain but i might confuse you. Another awesome company who make a low ph pre spray is CTI/Pros choice
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    Customer Prep List

    I never have ever asked a customer to pre vacuum or to place a cotton towel on the floor I do that always
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    Hydroforce Revolution

    The revolution will not be the solution. You will always have to mix your solution. The only chemical that I think can be used straight from the bottle is a protector or unchained or other stain or odor chemical. If I'm not mistaken all pre sprays need to be mixed. My advise is to find a...
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    How much has your truckmount made you?

    I have had 2 truckmounts The first one pay itself out maybe 30 times before retiring it. I got to admit that machine sucked when it to maintenance. I spent a lot of money maintaining it. My second machine a SS370 saphire was purchased in 2018 and it has hardly given me any far...
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    Seeking chemical advice

    Please listen to Rob on this....his chemistry works very, very well
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    How important is grooming carpet?

    So sad to see that its is not important, Cause its super important experienced and the folks at IICRC know what theyre talking about setting the nap up allows good dissipation for moisture and spreads moisture into the air, the more a fiber is exposed to a warm air temperature, air...
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    Water weight

    1 gallon of water is roughly 10 pounds thats about 1000 lbs of weight!! that's super hard on your suspension, fuel economy and brakes. Id hate to get in a wreck or roll over
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    Whats the best way to liquify a powder prespray?

    I have the best way to liquify powders. Pre mix them with warm/hot water, prefered with distilled, throw in a 1 inch long stainless steel bolt nut and washer (rattler) and this is important mix 1 gallon 1day ahead. mix a head of time will always be better and youll never nee to mix at a job...
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    Dumping waste water illegally caught on camera

    Wow at least try to use the clean out or release onto lawn (if law allows grey water on lawn)
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    Protein Drink

    1 do not promise anything except to do your best 2 prevacuum very well 3 mix up a good enzyme pre spray, 4 apply and let dwell, agitate 5 extract after 15-20 of dwell with water claw Extract well! 6 Mix Petzone, apply and allow to dwell 15-20 min 7 extract 8 apply Unchain, groom allow to dwell...
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    Did school help you with your business?

    Yes!!, School has definitely helped me all kinder - high and 3 years of college
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    People who are not customer wanting to you to explain cleaning process

    I get these too once in a while buT maybe im patient or something but I dont mind. Ive learned to stay focused and have a conversation. I dont even mind if the competion asks me some questions
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    Rug HELP(!) Request, Dealing w/Urine

    NO! DO NOT USE enzyme on wool
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    Rage tm

    If there is a electric clutch then you can easily install a switch. its really easy. I would go to a auto supply store and buy a 12v relay and a switch . Use the relay to control the clutch, safer too
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    portable for upholstery

    You can use 100Psi But it wont be rinse/flush well . I think its lowest is 120psi
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    To loud.

    Im surprised no one has done this but.... Try using with (caution) sound deadening material such as the material used in auto sound interior sound control Stuff works!!!! Dynamat Extreme I am shocked that no one uses this stuff to control sound on TM's they hava a self adhering version and...
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    Manual hose real conversion.

    could the truck mount folks make it for you?
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    Manual hose real conversion.

    If you know how to weld, then you wont need to wait any more. I too was tired of waiting.
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    Help with cleaning couch? Suede or micro?

    I will end my thoughts with this And Im not doing propaganda , Do suggest applying a quality superior stain guard, like Robs Solvent protector. I been using Robs protector for I think 2 years now and I got to say I use it a lot not every job but a lot! I havent gotten any complaints on its...
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    Help with cleaning couch? Suede or micro?

    If you know what your dealing with then youll know when not to use rat nasty or flex or bleach ( who the heck would use bleach in upholstery cleaning but theres been a few clowns that swear by it) and when and when not to use a solvent spotter cause yes they can cause damage.
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    Help with cleaning couch? Suede or micro?

    Now days everything is expensive and even cotton microfiber or nylon is up there. Even cheap costo sofas are expensive so its hard to label whats cheap now days based on cost. In my opinion and experience a customer will say it cost so much and its from pottery barn, room & board or Ashley...
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    Help with cleaning couch? Suede or micro?

    By looking at the photo, You already answered what the fabric is. It is microfiber/Micro suede/ imitation suede. Whats more important is what FIBER its made from. That no matter how good you are cannot tell just by looking at it on a photo. You must do FIBER ID Test. take a small sample from a...
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    What's a good wand for SS370?

    I would like to add that Saphire once included their striker wand and honestly that wand is really good for CGD or onsite low pile rugs. The other and most important reason that I like it so much is because technically a 2" it has a weird handle.