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  1. GreenTechAgain

    Enzyme prespray: do's and dont

    If you are using synthetic enzyme high heat does not affect them. I get the most consistent results when using enzyme pre-sprays. Three that I have used and like, KleenRite Klenz, Cobb's Powermax and Rotovac Oxy-enzyme. Rotovac Oxy-enzyme is my favorite. $160 bucks delivered, 4-8lb...
  2. GreenTechAgain

    Nuclean Brutus

    Good stuff, but there are less expensive, easier to use products. Is it still 2-part?
  3. GreenTechAgain

    Anybody hungry lol

    Brackfas, the most important meal of the day.
  4. GreenTechAgain

    Fogger system???

    Thanks @OldCarpetVet and @Scott W Sorry, I should have been clearer. My question was not just about ducts, but if I were to only get one system for GP, what should it be. I think Scott answered my question. I'm just thinking about adding it as a service, move outs, cars, RV's, etc. Thanks guys.
  5. GreenTechAgain

    Fogger system???

    Why would a wet fog be better? In general, if you had to choose one method only, wet or dry fog machine, which would you choose. Thanks
  6. GreenTechAgain

    Fogger system???

    Why would a wet fog be better? Thanks
  7. GreenTechAgain

    I just closed down my business

    Sorry to hear that @Todd the Cleaner . Speedy recover.
  8. GreenTechAgain

    Rage truckmount is a good buy?

    Wouldn't be my first choice.
  9. GreenTechAgain

    Lets talk about grout sealers

    See above. ^^^^^^ Cobb's ultraseal impregnator.
  10. GreenTechAgain

    Rotowash before and after

    @RENEWCARPET is this the first and only job you have done on cut pile like this?
  11. GreenTechAgain

    Pre-Spray of choice! let's hear it boys

    Rotovac Oxy-enzyme. Before someone starts crying, Waa! Waa! "You need hot water to mix that stuff". Get some hot water, you supposed to be a carpet cleaner.
  12. GreenTechAgain

    Car Wraps or Large Lettering?

    What he is showing you is lettering, not a wrap. Nothing wrong with that. Looks good. But, in a few years if you decide to take the lettering off, it will ruin your paint. A wrap will not do that.
  13. GreenTechAgain

    Car Wraps or Large Lettering?

    You may want to check out getting a partial wrap. Wraps cost by the square foot. I just bought a car and got white because I will most likely just do a partial wrap. Most wraps are too busy and their message gets lost in all the clutter. Geico cars are a good example of a partial wrap...
  14. GreenTechAgain

    Recession 2016

    Are you telling me the Great Recession ended?!? I know, I know unemployment is only 5%. Yeah, Right. Musta been all those shovel ready projects. Remember all these jerk off signs for a while.
  15. GreenTechAgain

    Who is still using Odorcide ?

    I have found that Judson's Quat-A-Lot works just as well as Odorcide. But Quat-A-Lot is a better price. Same dilution.
  16. GreenTechAgain

    Starting a Business and have under $10,000 what are my best choices for a truckmount

    Brand new with a 4.5 blower and 10 warranty. Reputable builder. Just at 10k
  17. GreenTechAgain

    Mytee Trex

    RX-20 is a tank. Should be no problem buying used. I don't know how old mine is. It is at least 3rd hand by now. Used it yesterday. Perfect.
  18. GreenTechAgain

    Sometimes it is easier to clean trashed rental than lightly soiled carpet

    Sometimes I walk into a job and say "Man, how am I going to get this Clean?" and it comes out great. Sometimes I walk into a job and say, "Cakewalk" and nothing but problems.
  19. GreenTechAgain

    Mytee Trex

    Then I would get the Jr. And buy a used RX-20 for commercial. You can pick one up usually inexpensive.
  20. GreenTechAgain

    Mytee Trex

    If your doing mostly residential, I would keep the Jr.
  21. GreenTechAgain

    First VCT Strip and Seal – Any advice appreciated!

    What am I in for?
  22. GreenTechAgain

    My results 24hr Facebook local awareness

    Get 5000 flyers printed. Spend ALL day hanging them. By the time you get home you will have a call. Repeat till they are gone. You will get calls. What you are charging you will get jobs.
  23. GreenTechAgain

    What do think??

    What about the odor!?!