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  1. Omar

    Backup to my vacuum

    Picked this up from cleanfeaks. Very small footprint canister vacuum. Comes with all the attachments plus some. Has a shoulder strap, cord strap, long cord, filter screen. Got it exclusively for upholstery and stairs. Has a 2 year warranty. Ill give my feedback after a few hard uses...AND it can...
  2. Omar

    A day in New York City

  3. Omar

    Fresh tank hose replacement

    This hose has got to go. The rusted end sits down in the tank and gets all gunked up also leaves a film on the bottom of the tank. I want to replace the hose and try to put a plastic fitting on the end instead of metal. What would you replace it with??
  4. Omar

    Dangs swivel

    I like this wand. He upgraded the swivel by reinforcing it with a screw. It made a big difference. Ive been using a temp head (the old one) while he got more blue anodized heads. I finally got it last week and used on a few jobs now. So far its great. Very smooth and sturdy. Site glass should be...
  5. Omar

    Website traffic

    How are you viewing the traffic to your website? Ive been using the search console and its awesome at tracking when people are actually interested and or viewing your website.
  6. Omar

    Adding chem feed

    Can i add a chem feed to my ez? It currently has a chem metering system. The garden hose has to be attached to the front of machine and that psi draws from the 5 gallon jug and into the 55 gallon drum(hose dumps directly into tank). Then it is ran through the whole system. Im thinking the water...
  7. Omar

    Nail polish

    What works for you? I have one the other day on a light nylon carpet. Used avenge pro and extreme and had it out withen 20 minutes.
  8. Omar

    Cleaning campers

    Anything special i need to know? Some carpet, some cloth seats and how should i handle this mattress(stains from roof leak)? What do you charge?
  9. Omar

    Rug pit ideas

    I want to get started cleaning rugs. Small ones for now since my space is limited. Any ideas on how i can get one together asap? I have one to clean soon. With dog spots.
  10. Omar

    No time to work on facebook fan page?

    I admit, if i wasnt sitting here posting on tmf, then id probably have some time:p. More importantly though, besides time is knowledge of how to do it correctly. How to brand yourself. How to look professional. And how to make everything mesh together with your website and other social media...
  11. Omar

    Ali RIP

    I didnt have the pleasure to watch him fight but i heard great stories and watched a few of his fights. He talked smack and backed it up.
  12. Omar

    Grout haze

    Got a call about grout haze left by contractor. This is 700 sq ft of porcelain plank tile in basement. 6 × 24 made to look like wood. Going to take a look tommorow. Any suggestions on removal and price?
  13. Omar

    Happy Memorial day

    Happy memorial day to all. I hope you guys enjoy this day, i know there will be alot of bbq going on. Anybody working? Ive got to knock out a quick commercial job but should be done by 12.
  14. Omar

    Heated wand

    Anybody hear anything about this yet? Ive seen ads by magicwand sayings its beeing released. This can be a game changer.
  15. Omar

    What do you charge

    And why?? I have a big sectional coming up. Not sure what to charge for it. I have a full time job and do this on the side so i dont have to price according to my needs etc... (yet) i get a feel for what customers are willing to pay and am learning how to weed out the priceshoppers. But this...
  16. Omar

    Recording video

    Just wondering what you guys use to record video. I want to start recording vids for my facebook page.
  17. Omar

    Brush stiffness

    Looking at getting a brush for my 13inch dual speed 175. My question is. What stiffness and fill is ideal for berber and poly agitation? Ive heard stiff outside and soft inside to move the dirt around is good and ive heard all around stiff is better. What say you? This is the one im looking at...
  18. Omar

    Whole house

    What do you guys consider a "whole house cleaning"? Number of rooms etc.. Do any of you currently run a whole house deal? This thread is inspired by a price shopper that i just got off the phone with..
  19. Omar

    89 premium

    Accidently filled van with 89 premium. Will this do any harm to the tm?
  20. Omar

    tried my best..

    This carpet wins... I presprayed with trashed green and a little peroxide, dwelled, then agitated with a crb. The first pic shows the first quarter beeing cleaned after agitation. Recleaned again with the same prespray and nothing budged. So i started thinking that maybe the peroxide cancelled...
  21. Omar

    Home Advisor

    Ive been getting alot of "free previews" of potential customers. Basically home advisor sends me emails with leads to customers. The only way that i can get there info, is to become a member. Has anyone been getting this emails also? Funny thing is, they all sound like pia custys.
  22. Omar

    carpet tools

    How much would you pay for these? Roberts 501 adjustable knee kicker 3 rolls of tape Seam iron Roller Chisel
  23. Omar

    New Craigslist add, whatcha think??

    I was renewing my adds in the service/household section and this guys add was at the top. Is this guy serious?? ...
  24. Omar

    how to clean this brick

    I consulted with a buddy of mine on how to clean this floor and we came up with a good plan. I pitched it got the job and now im just waiting for them to choose a date to clean. Just wondering how you guys would attack this floor?? Its 599 sq with some shine on most of the brick and grout...
  25. Omar

    Floors From Above LLC

    At Floors From Above strive in providing the absolute highest level of professional carpet cleaning for your home. Our guarantee to you is to deliver the best residential carpet cleaning service in the Lehigh Valley. We deliver the best service at very affordable carpet cleaning prices and we...