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    2016 Ford Transit Noise

    2016 Ford Transit Hello guys, I purchased a 2016 Ford Transit from carmax about a month ago. I took it to a Ford dealer this morning because it makes a loud noise when driven in reverse only. The shop said the noise is coming from the leaf spring and its normal. He said they test drove...
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    NEED HELP! How do you use Hydro-Force Revolution Sprayer

    I just purchased a hyrdo-force revolution sprayer with no instructions and have no idea how to dilute the chemical or how to use it. Do you add concentrate chem in to the 5 quart container or do you mix with water? and how do you set the chem meter on the side?? I was told by Jon Don to add...
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    Do you own a Prowler 13HP

    I want to purchase a back up. Anyone here owns a Prowler 13HP that can tell me if this is a good machine to buy?? Thanks
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    Amtex Equipment

    I'am strongly considering Amtex for my next purchase. I know their service is awsome but I keep hearing negative comments about their machines. Anyone out their owns amtex equipment that could tell me more about their experience with their machines??
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    Prochem Legend GT or Hydramaster Boxxer 323 ?

    I'am getting ready to upgrade from a portable machine to a truckmounted unit this year. I dont know much about truckmounts. Which unit is better?? The Prochem Legend GT or the Hydramaster Boxxer323?