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  1. scrubbinplastic

    You Might be a Carpet Cleaner if.....

    When family comes over and still takes their shoes off even though your carpet is dirty!
  2. scrubbinplastic

    Featured Free tile brush,pole and Tilemaster! (50 limit)

    Google plus was the only thing I was not already following but I am now! Too late???
  3. scrubbinplastic

    Amtex Dragon 3D (Dragon Direct Drive)

    What a well designed and put together BEAST!!:cool:
  4. scrubbinplastic

    Devastator Filter / Too much vacuum

    Use glides already and I used a pool filter before. Too much vacuum wreaks havoc on your wrist , shoulders, forearms not pleasant.Also do the knee test and comes up to wet for my liking only using 400 psi with 2 jets(amount and size of jets)Probably gonna back the kunkle off a turn see what happens.
  5. scrubbinplastic

    Devastator Filter / Too much vacuum

    Purchased a devavstator filter and love it except for one problem the wand has too much vacuum. So has anybody else noticed they have needed to adjust either their kunkle valve or spring vacuum valve to release a little bit earlier since the addition of their o_Odevastator?
  6. scrubbinplastic

    Rug spa building.

    Rob, I cant help but wonder what it must be like washing rugs outside when its snowing?
  7. scrubbinplastic

    charging for stairs

    $4 to $5 a step depending on size and soiling :D Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I997 using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Well since I just saw what the Barbeque party for TMF was all about, I would say I missed it.....

    Well since I just saw what the Barbeque party for TMF was all about, I would say I missed it.....
  9. scrubbinplastic

    Rental property in Kc, ks

    Ive been thinking this whole time Ive got to purchase a very expensive CRB machine to agitate prespray. I would like to hear more feedback about the Koblenz 2600.
  10. scrubbinplastic

    A Quick Upholstery Cleaning Video

    Hey Dirt Army nice van, wheels are awesome great equipment and cool website !
  11. scrubbinplastic

    El Diablo owners!

    I agree with all on this subject. The El D is loud have had several complaints over the last two years, never did with my Prochem. Very easy to work on I dont live close to a supplier so thats one of the main selling points for me. The flow switch is a problem but you can get the same brand...
  12. scrubbinplastic

    Vac Cuffs

    Now that there is several vac cuff choices which one is getting purchased the most? Which cuffs have the least amount of airflow loss?
  13. scrubbinplastic

    Thoughts on a ProChem Legend TM...

    Ran a Legend SE for 10 years. Very reliable, quiet, really clean fuel burning. Blower belts werent fun to maintain. RX 20 would kill the heat. Winter time would hurt the heat production. Four jet wand would also lower your heat. Great unit to start with but limited on what type of work you can...
  14. scrubbinplastic

    Myfitnesspal anyone?

    Just started this week with this app. For the most part it cant get much easier than this to track what you eat. The best part is its free :)
  15. scrubbinplastic

    el diablo/pump

    Could this check valve cause some pump pulsation?
  16. scrubbinplastic

    El Diablo CAT pump issue

    Ok so my question is pump pulsation on my ED. Cleaning along for several hours no problem and the all of a sudden my cat decides its time for some water chatter or pump pulsation. Plenty of water no visible leaks no changes to setup its just time to pulsate for the last 2 hours of day? Never saw...
  17. scrubbinplastic

    El Diablo Tank lid gasket?

    It seems as though the gasket is nothing more than door trim. Whatever it is Ive replaced it once and ofcourse its failing again and Im not sure what Im gonna do now? FYI the length of the gasket Masterblend will replace with is 8'.
  18. scrubbinplastic

    Zipper wand FOR SALE

    Thank you Aladdin's ! Finally, now I know why they won't ever answer my emails about purchasing a Zipper.
  19. scrubbinplastic

    Signed up with Full Circle Member & Service Monster! Full Review Coming soon!

    Have been in business 15 years and done a whopping five residential carpet cleanings so far this year glad to hear someone is slammed with business.
  20. scrubbinplastic

    Zipper wand FOR SALE

    Whenever somebody here's about the Zipper being sold again post it on here please! I was wondering why everytime I email All Around Carpet Care about the Zipper I get no response? Apparently somebody says they cant sell them for some reason?
  21. scrubbinplastic

    PSI adjustment ? and Blower filter

    Talked to Masterblend about the regulator they use and the mechanic said there is really nothing to maintain just to replace it. Im probably just going to go with a regulator from the local carwash supplier simply because their local and Masterblend is not.:)
  22. scrubbinplastic

    Can't figure out why my quotes are not being accepted...

    Most people will tell you that's okay you don't need to put the shoe covers on
  23. scrubbinplastic

    Can't figure out why my quotes are not being accepted...

    Like I said cute little military style haircut and uniform didnt keep me from loosing $25,000 in business when economy tanked several years ago. As far as looks go be yourself in a respectable manner
  24. scrubbinplastic

    changing my water softner

    I'm sorry but I can't answer that question I don't know. Whenever my softener loses its charge I simply take it to culligan and exchange it for 1 that is charged up for me and away I go. If you can't figure it out you might look into renting a softener like I do.