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  1. sbsscn

    Rat Nasty

    I missed out on the opportunity to order some. When will more be available?
  2. sbsscn

    Filing taxes extended to July??!?

    Not sure but I have a friend who is a tax preparer and she sent me a message stating that April 15th has been changed to July . Anyone heard anything ? can anyone confirm?
  3. sbsscn

    Sapphire scientific will hate me for this (Help for your TM)

    Hello folks, I bought my SS370 last year the carbon fiber (imitation) Now I am not putting it down at all. My machine is a BEAST! small but a beast. Yesterday I went to my first assignment 4 floors or carpeted hallway, 4 levels of tiled landings, and stairs. Started at 9:30 ended at 1p.m. I...
  4. sbsscn

    Anyone ever heard of..

    First of all I want to say that I LOVE Rob & truckmount forums, But Its been difficult finding some hose cuffs that are not popular anymore and therefore I have had to look for them. Cool cuffs and it seems product? and some other place called real cleaner? both places sell them...
  5. sbsscn

    Removing stabilizers

    I am curious to know if anyone has removed the 3 teflon stabilizers from the 360i head? Whats the advantage if any? Would/is it a good idea to remove them?
  6. sbsscn

    Will there be a Black Friday from Interlink supply?

    Usually theres one for the whole week.....
  7. sbsscn

    Rotovac Bonzer

    I have owned their latest version for about a month now, and All I can say is WOW!!!! I am so happy and glad that I took Rob's advice and purchased one. The tool is strong and in my opinion well built. The heat that is contained within the chamber helps just melt the soil away. The...
  8. sbsscn

    Thank You!

    I want to say a Big thank you to everyone who has in one way or the other has helpd me. Whether through advise or sharing your experience, Again Thank You!!
  9. sbsscn

    Business License???!?!?

    So I get a new apartment building, send them all of my info including copy of business license. They schedule a cleaning, I do the cleaning and then they tell me that I need have a business license, Im baffled cause I do, they say to get a business license for their city?? I look into it and...
  10. sbsscn

    replacing 2" vacuum hose

    I want to replace my Vacuum hoses. Id like to get either orange or yellow for safety. Any good low cost vacuum hoses out there youd suggest?
  11. sbsscn

    1 1/2 hose

    Just curious to know if anyone has ever run 100 feet or 50 feet of 1.5 vacuum hose on a truckmount. Would the blower stress? Has anyone experimented?
  12. sbsscn

    Blackfriday interlink Supply

    Has anyone had success in ordering or viewing the blackfriday deals for this week? I can't seem to find the link to see the dates or the order page. I don't want to miss out on any possible legal deal. [Scott/or anyone else] any help will be greatly appreciated
  13. sbsscn

    Carpet Stretcher.....Tri Force?

    I have seen this tool and have also used it. I want to get one. Anyone know if this is still in production and who sells them? Interlink? Jon Don?
  14. sbsscn

    Fringe fertilizer??

    I dont know if its an April fools joke or not but anyone heard of such a thing from Bridgepoint? Its Rogain for cotton fringes? Scott can you confirm or bust this ...Myth?!!?!
  15. sbsscn

    Flash cuffs not as they claim to be

    I bought 10 sets, 1 reducer adapter, and 2 starters about 4 months ago.... Tried them and I hate to say this but they are not as they claim to be. . By the way this has happened from day one. 1st. they leak vacuum. they claim they will allow better vacuum flow, but what good is less...
  16. sbsscn

    Best Tile and or grout sealer.

    I always ask myself this question. Which one works well without the odors and does a good job keeping grout clean, and preventing stains. Solvent based? or Water? which is easier to work with?
  17. sbsscn

    Scabies, and other critters!!!

    Hi Folks, looking for some advice. I have a long loyal customer who has a teenage son that just began treatment for scabies, she and the whole family is getting treatment, this happened just last Friday. She wants carpet and furniture cleaned. Question? is there anything available for this...
  18. sbsscn

    Linear foot?

    I hate to sound dumb but can someone define it and explain how to measure or the calculate are for it? Thanks
  19. sbsscn

    Hypro 2345 B-P

    Hi My old pump ( Hypro 2345B-P) started leaking oil right at the split between the brass head and the steel body. It was going to cost me near the price of a new one to rebuild so I bought a brand new one everyone wanted $600-1200.00 but I was able to get it new for less than $400.00 Well my...
  20. sbsscn

    Wierd howling Vacuum sound

    Just today I noticed a howling noise comming from my slide in.I thought my inline waste filter was clogged and causing what sounded like a strain my vacuum gauge was near 16HG I checked the blower oil level and it appears good. I pushed on the vacuum relief valve and it felt a bit tight to I...
  21. sbsscn

    Upholstery Question

    I cleaned 6 dinning chairs for a customer about 15 months ago. I was not able to identify the fabric which appeared to be synthetic this was mentioned and the customer okd me to go ahead and clean it. Looked not but almost white a bit of a light tan . I used a drimaster tool (black one) I used a...
  22. sbsscn


    Last night was my first experience with carpet "pooling". I was cleaning a couple of units of a clients building and came accross my first case of "pooling" I was surprise to know this occurs in the bay area. I usually hear this happening alot near Florida.
  23. sbsscn

    mol din car

    My Toddler (son) spilled some food/snack (might have been milk or oatmeal) in our family vehicle we wipped it up and thought nothing of it it seemed cleaned. we didnt use the suv for about 2 days maybe three. last night i go to get something and i noticed a light white fuzz. I wasnt sure what it...
  24. sbsscn

    Mold in car

    My Toddler (son) spilled some food/snack (might have been milk or oatmeal) in our family vehicle we wipped it up and thought nothing of it it seemed cleaned. we didnt use the suv for about 2 days maybe three. last night i go to get something and i noticed a light white fuzz. I wasnt sure what it...