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  1. john martinez

    Looking for a pumptec water otter and tile spinner

    I'm looking to add high pressure floor cleaning specifically for the deep pits in travertine stone floors. Not sure my Powrflite MultiWash can clean them effectively. Then I want to start polishing travertine and other stone floors after I have what I need to clean them. TIA
  2. john martinez

    Stone Care Questions

    I am looking to get into stone floor care (cleaning polishing and sealing) and have pretty good experience with carpet cleaning with extractors, carpet cleaning with cotton bonnets and tile and grout cleaning with a CRB called the MultiWash made by Powrflite that scrubs the hard floors clean...
  3. john martinez

    Anyone have a high pressure portable extractor available in the Phoenix area?

    High pressure portable extractor I'm looking to start using a 12"-15" spinner tool for hard floor cleaning etc. And was wondering if anyone in the Phoenix area or surrounding basin has a high pressure extractor or spinner for sale... TIA
  4. john martinez

    Sandia Sniper 800 PSI Portable

    Good morning American carpet and hard floor cleaners! I am looking to expand my hard floor cleaning to include the 12"-15" spinner for those deep pits in travertine etc and was hoping someone has some feedback on the Sandia Sniper 800 PSI Portable good, bad or indifferent. TIA!
  5. john martinez

    Sandia Sniper 800 PSI Portable anyone have any feedback?

    I'm looking to expand my hard surface cleaning to include the 12"-15" spinner for those deep pits in travertine etc. And was wondering if anyone has any feedback on the Sandia Sniper 800 psi with 205" of lift supposedly? TIA!
  6. john martinez

    Strip and Wax Question

    (reposting for first time strip & wax) Have you ever tried the following strippers or heard any feedback on em? NCL Bare Bones or Trewax Vinyl and Linoleum Instant Wax Remover I have a strip and wax job in a dentist office coming up and I don't want to buy a 5 gallon pail otherwise I'd...
  7. john martinez

    Wax application on commercial vinyl tile

    Good morning cleaners I'm on the way to a tile and grout cleaning and I got a phone call from a business manager who needs some brand new commercial vinyl tile waxed to protect it just wondering since I'VE never actually done a wax job before what tools I need and what brand of Wax wood do a...
  8. john martinez

    What size generator for portable carpet cleaning

    I am probably going to start doing carpet cleaning 4 a real estate agent and will need to run off a generator what size generator would I need for running a portable set-up TIA
  9. john martinez

    Oreck Orbiter for stairs

    Anyone use the Oreck Orbiter for VLM on the stairs? It looks like it comes with a bonnet so I was hoping to bonnet clean the stairs after scrubbing them with a stiff multifaced brush to absorb the loosened soil. TIA and be safe today
  10. john martinez

    Speaking of stripping

    Speaking of strippers I had a customer call me to remove some Behr Premium low lustre seal from the tile and grout on his back patio. He'd done two coats and it was probably down for 3 years and had decided to have it removed. He'd already tried using krud kutter and a pressure washer with no...
  11. john martinez

    Showerfeed on a 175

    This was originally a response to a post by ACP asking about how to upgrade his 175 from a showerfeed to a spray system but I decided to repost my comment to hopefully a wider audience of floor machine user dudes and dudettes: Here's a splash control ring on that's on about $25...
  12. john martinez

    Escape ETM electric truckmount by Mytee

    Anyone have any experience using the Escape ETM electric truckmount by Mytee. How does it compare to a gas powered TM or a portable? It doesn't have a heater so if I wanted heat it would have to be added somehow. Ty
  13. john martinez

    Mytee products 4prong-electrical-converter

    anyone use this product from Mytee and recommend it or not: it converts the homeowners single 230 volt dryer outlet into two 115 volt common outlets so you can plug your portable and heater into it of other tool. I'm...
  14. john martinez

    Commercial glue down carpet cleaning

    I have a commercial Carpet glue down that I'm cleaning this Saturday that I have done already with an Alkaline prespray and the Multiwash by Powr Flite to scrub and remove the dirty solution. I used a plain water rinse via a drip system on the machine. So this time it's under customer...
  15. john martinez

    powr-flite multiwash 14

    I'm considering a powr-flite multiwash for both carpet and tile cleaning as they sell soft, standard and hard brushes for different floor types. There was a guy in N. AZ who had both the powr-flite multiwash and powr-flite black max portable w/ 500 psi and 1800 watt heater and he has been...