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  1. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    mmmm 3-5 day old sewage job

    3 to 5 day old sewage loss and the effluent ran down an air duct in the floor....glad I wasnt hung over today I think the painted parquet flooring is shot.
  2. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    roof collapse wd

    Had quite the busy week, we responded to a roof collapse that also took out a 6" sprinkler main that services an entire shopping center. To make matters worse the roof area could not be tarped or fixed before all the lawyers and engineers could make multiple site visits to take it all in. It...
  3. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Watch out for that wet ceiling!

    Received a call late this afternoon about a "minor" water loss from a leaking ac handler in the attic, no big deal happens quite often. Arrive onsite start looking around and the big concern was the custom hand scraped walnut floors and 12" baseboard on the third floor so we began to set a...
  4. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    why you better check the unit below

    A small water damage was handled by a "competitor" in the unit above...however they never bothered to check what if any damage was caused to the unit below. Now mold damage is obvious, a vacation ruined and they just happen to be a family of lawyers...guess who is going to have a bad week
  5. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Whats under your house?

    nasty crawl space we made quick work of this week
  6. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Whats behind YOUR wallpaper?

    Whats behind YOUR wallpaper?
  7. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Hydroxyl Generators

    has anybody bought one of the new ones yet?
  8. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    beach mold

    Oh how I love ocean front units with shoddy construction. Appears they decided against any vapor barrier besides the loose fit styrofoam in random areas. It took longer prepping the small area than the remediation will take. Windows frames will get expanding foam and a water test prior to the...
  9. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia


    At what equipment level do you feel you are a capable water damage mitigator? At what training level do you feel you are a capable water damage mitigator? At what insurance level do you feel confident to take on a loss in a home, condo or apartment complex At what point do you call...
  10. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Dont leave shower unattended....

    For 2 Weeks while on vacation or you will come home to this :eek:
  11. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Black mold?

    Someone on the other mold post mentioned "black mold" Whats your definition of black mold? How do you know if you "gots the black mold" :eek:
  12. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Elevated Mold Levels?

    Does Job 1 or Job 2 have a mold problem that requires remediation? Do Job 1 AND Job 2 have a mold problem that requires remediation? Do neither Job 1 or Job 2 have a mold problem? Please pick an answer and explain why. In this case we are only concerned with Penicillium/Aspergillius...
  13. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    vortex or diesel steamaction stealth sam unit

    needing to add another truckmount and box truck these are the two options I have come to. Any thoughts or anyone have first hand experience with these units. They will mostly be used as extraction units with occasional CC after a loss or some commercial cleaning we have been requested to do...
  14. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Diesel truck mount?

    Anyone run a diesel truck mount? how is it? Any PTO set ups for Isuzu NPR's? I have looked at a few NIssan cab over set ups for sale online but they do not seem to be very popular in the East.
  15. PaulDavisBrunswickGeorgia

    Former Lurker

    After a year or so of lurking, I will jump in. Thanks for all the good reads...some have been quite entertaining. Here's to "educating the public, doing what we are good at and not under cutting your neighbor" Cheers