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  1. Gemcleans


    I want to feature FREE deodorizer as Spring Special. What is your favorite deodorizer? Have you ever mailed out a post card with the deodorizer scent on it? How can I do it?
  2. Gemcleans

    Wood floors

    Bought a Dirt Dragon off a guy on here and haven't used it yet. I was cleaning carpet in one of my commercial customers today and they have a 1500 Sq Ft dance floor. I told him I got this new machine and wanted to get some experence. He said shoot me a price and let's get it done. What should I...
  3. Gemcleans

    Does anyone Remember

    I've been looking in old threads about van layouts. Someone posted a picture of the inside of their van and they had a rack up by the front door. It looked like a lazy susan type rack. Had a post that connected to top and bottom with 3 tiers of racks going up. I don't think he started the...
  4. Gemcleans

    Kaivac cleaning systems

    I have an account that is building a new building and moving in the first of the year. They will have 6-8 restrooms to clean. I looked at Kaivac systems before, but none this big to justify buying one to keep on site. Do they work well and are they worth their money?
  5. Gemcleans

    Cleaning Office chairs

    Looking to clean about 85 office chairs. I noticed a blue tint on some of them and am guessing it is from blue jeans. What should I use to make sure it comes out? They are a good customer and want to take good care of them.
  6. Gemcleans

    Any TMF guys in NE Indy?

    I have a customer who's daughter is moving to Northeast Indy. Geist area? She likes my service because of my dry times and the quality work I do. It's 2 1/2 hours drive one way or I would do it myself. I told her I would put out the work and try to find someone for her. Torre use to be on here...
  7. Gemcleans

    Thinking about this idea for Winter

    I have to put heaters in my van in Jan, Feb, and March. I am thinking about Winterizing machine and only offering VLM. I have Cimex and CRB and they don't freeze or can easily be brought inside. What do you think the pros and cons of this idea? Market Encapulation technology cleaning. No hoses...
  8. Gemcleans

    Looking for reviews on websites

    Those of you that have had Cleaner Designs do your websites, What Has your expererences been like? Why did you chose them over others? Did you get exactly what you wanted? Did it make a difference in your web presences? What would you do different? Wanting a website that is fresh and works. Any...
  9. Gemcleans

    Those 3 little words you hate to hear

    " IS THAT ALL" Quoted a business that the carpet is only 1 year old and looks great. They just want to take care of it. 2300 Sq Ft and a wide stairway. At $65. for stairs and .22 a sq ft the bill was $605. A good vacuum job, Cimex offices and hallway, HWE stairs and front office, that is heavy...
  10. Gemcleans

    Won a $95. bet with customer

    Lady ask if I could get red nail polish out of carpet. I said yes and if I can't you owe me nothing and if I do it will be a $95. service call. When I told my wife she said, so you bet her $95.? I said I know I can get it out. Carried in spotting bag and started with nail polish remover and red...
  11. Gemcleans

    Haven't seen one like this in a while

    Sports bar and grill called. Said they had carpet cleaned by a friend of someone about 3 months ago. They pulled back mats that they covered with and it was all matted down and sticky. I ran my hand over it and it was wet. The blue carpet was black. I priced it so I can HWE one night with fans...
  12. Gemcleans

    Guy wants to sell customers

    A guy I have known for about 7-8 years wants to sell his office cleaning customers. He built a cleaning business on window washing, documentation shedding and office cleaning. He sold the other parts and has office cleaning left. 9-10 customers, 125k gross, and 48K net before taxes. 6 employees...
  13. Gemcleans

    Dusty spots after cleaning?

    I cleaned an Insurance office this weekend and stopped in today to drop off invoice. The lady said everything looked fine except a few white spots. When I scratched them with my finger nail white dust started coming out. I vacuumed them and they looked better. I got my little CRB out and went...
  14. Gemcleans

    Which way would you go and why?

    If you had a van that had barn doors on both sides and you were going to put a TM in it, would you have the TM facing out the passengers side or driver's side? Why?
  15. Gemcleans

    Has anyone tried this?

    I have a office building coming up that has long hallways with commercial grade carpet. Instead of pre spraying I thought about mixing preload up and putting it in my cimex and scrubbing it into carpet before HWE. Do you think it's wroth the time and effort?
  16. Gemcleans

    First Tile and Grout job

    A lady called and wanted me to clean her grout in 2 bathrooms. Did a demo with Tilemaster and told her the grout is gray. She called me back and said she thought it looked better and wanted the master bath done too. I was just going to do it by hand and rinse it well. I found out I could rent a...
  17. Gemcleans

    Mold in outdoor rug

    I have not looked at it yet, but a customer ask if I could get mold out of his rug that he has outside by his pool. I don't know what kind of rug it is yet, but from the size of their house I would guess it's not a cheap one. What should I use to get it cleaned out? Another lady ask if I could...
  18. Gemcleans

    Hard wood floor cleaning

    A guy in my BNI group told me his wife found an organic cleaning recipe for cleaning wood floors that included olive oil and vinigar. Now the floors are dull and they are tracking it on the carpet. What products would clean it up? I have 175, pads, mops, cimex and recoil with heat. I made...
  19. Gemcleans

    Cimex problem

    I was using my cimex today and got done with long hallway, about 45 mins of work I started in a large room. The main plate would not turn but the 3 heads turn just fine. Took the white plate off and the belt is tight and working. I rented another cimex to keep the job going and will finish it...
  20. Gemcleans

    New Commercial Accounts

    If I want to add new commercial accounts, What businesses do you find have their carpets cleaned on a monthly, quarterly, and semi annual basis? We have alot of manufacturing in our area with 5-10 offices on the front of the building and the rest of the building manufacturing. The presidents &...
  21. Gemcleans

    Need help on T/G job

    My church has about 5600 sq. ft. of t/g. There is a guy in my town with a TMT unit that will deliver and pick up his unit for $50. or 20% of job. I have never used his equipment before or cleaned T/G before. There is 6 bathrooms, kitchen, and open areas. I want to do a good job and give them a...
  22. Gemcleans

    Got a laugh today

    Cleaned 3 offices and an entry area. The lady said they couldn't tell a difference after the last cleaner. I ask who did it and she said SS. When she told them they didn't get the black areas clean they said" we don't use harsh chemicals so we can't get them out" That is transelated to "We use...
  23. Gemcleans

    Angie's List turned down my offer

    They wanted me to run a big deal of the day. 3 rooms for $99. I said I'm not a $99. deal guy, but I would do a 500 sq ft of carpet cleaning. Regular price of $175. for $50. off. Sell for $125. I get 70% they get 30%. They said the selling point was OK but that it was only 29% savings to...
  24. Gemcleans

    Angie's List is it wroth it?

    They have been calling and I have always said no. Here is the scoop. $99. a month for 1 year. In my area, 2 counties they have 6500 members. They said they had 4200 at the end of 2012. Said they are on track to double this year and need more front page people in CC. I had 16 views on my free...
  25. Gemcleans

    What do you think of this deal

    Guy in my area is moving out of state. Has a GMC van with 85K on it and a Steamway Powermatic #4 blower, desiel burner. Had a new pump and an Interlinks shop go through it. Says he spent $3500. on it and it runs great. He wants 10K for it and he has 10K in annual business accounts. He said he...