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  1. Presidential Cleaning

    What's your most profitable service?

    What makes you the most money? Also do you have a niche service?
  2. Presidential Cleaning

    Selling my T-Rex

    I have used it 2x. Both on my already clean carpet. I'll add pics if someone is interested. It's $1500. I'll even pay shipping as long as it's not some crazy ass number.
  3. Presidential Cleaning

    Van Wraps Trailers getting wrapped

    Here's a draft of the wrap going on my trailers. I'm having the number and site a little bigger and the correct services listed. But other than that, I like it. This will be on both sides. The front will have the logo real big and the back will have name/logo, phone, site and services. Mr...
  4. Presidential Cleaning

    1930's terra cotta floor

    I'm going to look at this floor Saturday. The customer said it has adhesive on it, because the previous owner had carpet installed. They want the adhesive removed, floor cleaned and sealed. What can I use to remove carpet adhesive? I've never ran into this issue before.
  5. Presidential Cleaning

    What TM should I buy next?

    As I make the move into residential, I realize I'm going to need another truckmount setup. I have plans of buying either a 12ft or 14ft box truck to place it in and use it strictly for residential services. I really enjoy my hotshot unit but I'd like to entertain other options. My hotshot is...
  6. Presidential Cleaning

    Learning rug cleaning but.......

    This can't be the correct way. Multiple rugs tossed on the parking lot, a water hose had a bottle of bleach. Mr. President
  7. Presidential Cleaning

    My new venture

    The cleaning business is constantly growing and we are busier than ever. Although, I like to do different things and keep money coming in from multiple sources. So here's my new avenue of income. Should be profitable, right? Mr. President
  8. Presidential Cleaning

    Moving into a new building

    Earlier today my sales manger and I were going to look at a job. Well, he missed a turn and took us the long way. In the middle of my "wtf is wrong with you" speech I saw it..... It was an empty 1.1 acre lot of perfection. It's placed on the corner of 2 very busy roads and FOR SALE. So now I...
  9. Presidential Cleaning

    What psi to clean auto carpet?

    I want to keep the carpets in the tahoes and my escalade looking good. What psi do I use? I have a heated hydroforce spotter that has 55psi, will this work? Mr. President
  10. Presidential Cleaning

    Schematic for hose reels?

    I have my supervisors ready to install the electric hose reels. Anyone have a layout of exactly how to add the solution and water hose reels to the vac reel? They have the bracket and bolts. Just wanna make sure everything goes smoothly for them.
  11. Presidential Cleaning

    Who is in ATL?

    Ill be in ATL Saturday for the TCS customer appreciation day and in the area until late Saturday night. If anyone is around stop by TCS or call me, maybe we can meet up. Mr. President
  12. Presidential Cleaning


    Who here sponsors events, athletic teams, etc? What's your ROI?
  13. Presidential Cleaning

    Ordered new toys! I mean tools

    Today I ordered some new things. Here's my list. -Triple electric hose reels - Mytee T Rex - SS uph tool - 3 tier chemicals shelf - swivel head stair tool - 5 more DUK guards - 20 gallon wet/dry vac with floor squeegee - hydro force spotter with heat - door jamb - 2 2 gallon stainless pump...
  14. Presidential Cleaning

    Screw carpet cleaning...I'm gonna be a celebrity!!

    My wife signed us up for a casting call. They are looking for families with new puppies to film for 5 days straight. They will place cameras all around my house and film how we act with the puppy, how we respond to each other and things like that. It will be interesting to say the least but a...
  15. Presidential Cleaning

    Why heat exchangers?

    Why do some people prefer heat exchangers? I've only used a diesel fired TM so I'm just curious the benefits of using heat exchangers instead. Mr. President
  16. Presidential Cleaning

    Hydro vs SS pro vs DriMaster 3

    I'm about to buy an uph tool and I'm curious as to which one of these 3 you guys suggest and why
  17. Presidential Cleaning

    Hardwood floors

    What are you guys using to clean hardwood floors? How much are you charging? Mr. President
  18. Presidential Cleaning

    My move into residential

    We are mostly a commercial cleaning business, but have been preparing to move into residential carpet, tile, uph cleaning. We have done some houses but a meeting today could put us where we need to be. When I do bids for commercial jobs I don't want just 1 location or just 1 service. I want all...
  19. Presidential Cleaning

    Shower stall and tub help

    We have moved into residential...and I mean quick! I'm getting calls constantly and it's great. But I received a call today to clean a tub and a tile shower stall. I've done numerous tile jobs but never a shower. Any chems I need? I'm guessing an acid but want to be ready. I'm going to use my TM...
  20. Presidential Cleaning

    Nagging...non stop!

    A friend of mine has some land and a few of us were out shooting guns earlier. Everything is going good and then my phone rings. -What time are you going to clean this carpet? -Excuse me? -I said what time are you cleaning the carpet? - I'm currently busy, I'll have to get back with you (I'm...
  21. Presidential Cleaning

    What a great day!

    Today was a good day. My guys cleaned 5 rooms, hallway, stairs and pet treatment in 2 rooms for $385. I received a call about a residential pressure washing job, so I sent a supervisor to go look at it. We booked it for Monday. Also on Monday I have a meeting about a large nightly janitorial...
  22. Presidential Cleaning

    Meet up in Nashville?

    I'm on my way to Nashville to go to interlink supply. I know it's a short notice but if anyone around the area would like to catch lunch or something let me know. I'll be on TMF.
  23. Presidential Cleaning

    New addition to our family

    We will be driving to NC to pick up our new red Doberman in a few weeks. I've already named him django. I let my 4 year old son pick out our next dog. It was a German Shepard or Doberman. He kept picking the dobie. The boy has spoken....
  24. Presidential Cleaning

    Residential insurance

    What insurance is needed for residential carpet cleaning? What is an average I should expect to pay? I know there are variables but what do you pay?
  25. Presidential Cleaning

    Residential pros, help

    We are moving into residential carpet cleaning. We do 99% commercial work currently so I have a few questions for you guys who dominate the residential market. I have a huge customer that has asked me to clean the carpets in his house. I go look at it tomorrow and setting the job up for next...