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  1. Ed Valentine

    Wishing all of you the very best!

    After near 48 years in this great Industry of ours, it has come time for me to retire and stand on the sidelines. This company which I worked so very hard to build and gain a great reputation over all, Cross-American Corporation was recently purchased by a European firm who will take very good...
  2. Ed Valentine


    When was the last time you cleaned your office? My gosh. We just did a through cleaning; throwing this and that away----you know, all those articles, bits and pieces "you just had to save!" I mean it had some value, right? We must have filled up box after box after box, ready for the burn...
  3. Ed Valentine

    "Lost History"

    I suggest you keep this because I'll bet I could be one of the very few that remember: Here are a few companies who no longer exists that I remember (over the past 48 years) for whatever the reason. This is part of our "History" (and probably long forgotten). 1. Mr. Steam (CO) 2.Bee Clean...
  4. Ed Valentine

    Can you say; "BS?!"

    Over the years, all of us have heard the old saying that "a machine is only as good as its operator". I'm not only referring to the results, but also the way the machine is taken care of. How true. In fact, as a manufacturer, I have witnessed this to be true! Let me state an example. Now, I...
  5. Ed Valentine

    A NEW portable machine!

    here it is:
  6. Ed Valentine

    The Aftermath

    Most of businesses, now, have been given the go-ahead to open. I was wondering how many of you are back and have a few of those customers who have been on hold prior to this pandemic , now cancelled? In other words, for obvious reasons. Fortunately here, We have had more inquiries than we ever...
  7. Ed Valentine

    My, How time fly's!

    Here's some industry history my son just sent to me: Patents by Inventor Edward R. Valentine Edward R. Valentine has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes...
  8. Ed Valentine

    Jaguar CUB unleashed!
  9. Ed Valentine

    Looking back but going forward

    This weekend officially begins the Christmas Holiday and the end of the past years and beginning of a new, fresh start. We will be hosting our very important Company party in celebration of moving into (my) 47 years in this Industry and Cross-Americans' 42 years manufacturing HWE equipment...
  10. Ed Valentine

    The diffinition of a "Dirty Carpet"?

    This is not an advertisement rather, look at how some leave their carpets go! Appalling!
  11. Ed Valentine

    "A Christmas Story"

    When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christmas pressure. Then Mrs. Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more. When he went to harness the reindeer...
  12. Ed Valentine

    From the Rocking Chair

    With the new year closing in on all of us, and not knowing what may lie ahead for any of us, I felt the need to reflect on how fortunate I have been largely because of the many, many individuals who surround me and/or whom I have met throughout my lifetime. I clearly remember my wonderful...
  13. Ed Valentine

    "Going GREEN!"

    Tomorrow's Cleaning Ireland Issue 04 (Click on: "Contract Cleaning tab") The JAGUAR goes GREEN! Interesting Reading from another perspective! Ed Valentine
  14. Ed Valentine

    Limited Time Zone

    We want to move out a (very) limited select 2014 models this week. Therefore, if anyone is in the market I would highly advise a phone call into our office before these limited supplies are gone! First come; first served. One week only!!!!! (8/4 - 8/8) SAVE BIG!
  15. Ed Valentine

    The meaning of: "Satisfaction"

    Like any job, it always becomes very important, and very satisfying whenever a customer offers a generous testimonial. After all, this is why we unlock the door in the mornings and work so very hard to help others become successful, and satisfied. It's our reward. Here's just one example (many...
  16. Ed Valentine

    The JAGUAR in our Mother Land!

    UK location:
  17. Ed Valentine

    Bill Board-on-Wheels ?

    Here may be another idea for some who wonder how to get the attention of potential or future customers. It was an idea which I used to use back in the 70's when we had many trucks out on the job: First, a well lettered van is a must because it truly becomes a Billboard-on-Wheels when rolling...
  18. Ed Valentine

    All in a Days work!

    Carpet Cleaning video jan13 - YouTube
  19. Ed Valentine

    My experience in England

    I have an early model Jaguar 6.6 INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM fitted with a silencer. One of the quietest machines around. I gather that the latest developments allow for a greater airflow. I don't know if this will be a little noisier, but it wouldn't matter to me because the Jag is mounted in my van...
  20. Ed Valentine

    U-Must be inferior if U don't have one!

    We all know the controversy and disagreements that always follows the subject of "Portables" (vs. gasoline TM's) on the boards. It's similar to bringing up the subject of Politics and/or Religion. It can start as a healthy discussion; then get really nasty. However, in reality, when the...
  21. Ed Valentine

    A Happy Pappy

    Yesterday we laid down 200 feet of hoses using the JAGUAR 8.4 Industrial System and was amazed to say the least! Like James Morrow has stated over his long one year field testing usage: "simply amazing." :smile-new: Also, we fired up the CUB and was smiling ear to ear. That like machine has...
  22. Ed Valentine


    This was a very interesting and funny post made on the (UK) Cleantalk board by one of the most renowned Gentlemen in this Industry, Mr Ken Wainwright. I felt compelled to copy & post it here for everyone's reading. I did not ask for permission to do so, so I hope Mr Wainwright won't hit me on...
  23. Ed Valentine

    Springtime Special

    We will be offering the following Springtime Special on the purchase of the JAGUAR Industrial Machines as follows: JAGUAR 8.4----a $200.00 credit JAGUAR 6.6----a $150.00 credit JAGUAR CUB----a $100.00 credit PLEASE NOTE: This is a limited time offer and will end on March 31...
  24. Ed Valentine

    8 tips for handling Business Stress

    With so many details to keep track running a business its no surprise many feel frustrated, and even angry and depressed at the end of the day. I might add that I have witnessed certain negative attitudes from many Operators over recent years and only wanted to pass along some thoughts here...
  25. Ed Valentine

    Brand New JAGUAR 8.4 Industrial system for sale!

    The JAGUAR 8.4 Industrial System Introducing a near perfection extractor ever manufactured by Cross-American. The JAGUAR 8.4 electric Portable/TM is a true Industrial System that the Professional Operator can rely on day in and day out! It is American made by hand by real experts...