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  1. Samuel joyce

    cleaning automotive carpet and seats

    I personally have the bissell pro-heat, and I love it. I have been able to get some tough stains out and I just used it on the seats in my accord and they came back like new!
  2. Samuel joyce

    Wool carpet

    Take it to a specialist as any liability for color run or correction of such should be their responsibility. You can clean the rug yourself, but it's a pretty intense proposition. Wet wool is smelly, and you need to have a really big area to allow the rug to dry.
  3. Samuel joyce

    Maintaining Marble Floors

    Marble, being a soft stone can wear that is why it is recommended it be sealed twice a year, you can get a quality sealer at the big home warehouse centers or at a local tile store. There is also a color enhancing sealer that will give it more of a wet look bringing out the color and give it a...
  4. Samuel joyce

    What makes a customer want to do repeat business with you?

    Customers are the most important part of your business. Without them, your business is going to fall apart. Your customers are the people who are supporting you, paying you and buying your services.Most importantly, go above and beyond what your customers are expecting. Don't settle for...
  5. Samuel joyce

    Stone Tile stripping? and Sealing

    I use baking soda and water. It works pretty well. Scrub very lightly so you don't hurt the finish glaze.
  6. Samuel joyce

    Paint on carpet

    Try using paint thinner. I use it to paint it usually cleans up everything with paint.
  7. Samuel joyce

    How often

    If there are more people living in your home, then the carpet get dirty faster. If you have more in your household;consider cleaning your carpets every 6 months.
  8. Samuel joyce

    Foam for Upholstery

    I have cleaned upholstery with Woolite foam and it works well. I have also whipped mild dish detergent mixed with water into a foam; then spread the foam on the upholstery, let it dry, vacuumed it off, and then wiped it off with a cloth lightly dampened with diluted vinegar to remove any soap...
  9. Samuel joyce

    How many people move furniture ?

    Moving our furniture around gives us the best chance to clean under and around things.
  10. Samuel joyce

    What product do you use on auto carpet.

    For a carpet cleaner...I've never had a problem using my APC. Every APC is different. But it's always worked for me. I actually smooth the carpets out with my hands after scrubbing them to give a natural new carpet look.
  11. Samuel joyce

    The difference a good scrubbing can make.

    I usually contact cleaning services ;they work meticulously and use dry cleaners, soaking techniques etc to get the stain out.
  12. Samuel joyce


    If you do a good job, are dependable, follow directions well, and stick to your price, the customer isn't really going to care what you're charging. They will just be happy they found a good professional cleaner, because they're hard to find.
  13. Samuel joyce

    Love Spring/Summer

    I like the idea of spring cleaning, the theory is great!Yes. Spring is all about new beginnings, so it is only natural that we think about starting fresh and clean.
  14. Samuel joyce

    Mytee Porty Low Vacuum

    You will not get any more lift in parallel, just more flow. They need to be in series to increase the lift.
  15. Samuel joyce

    Hardwood cleaning

    If you can find the right tools and don’t mind spending the time, do yourself rug cleaning is the way to go. To get a more in depth rug cleaning, you’ll need a power washer, carpet soap, buffer and wet/dry vacuum.
  16. Samuel joyce

    Paint in the carpet! :-)

    Congrats finally you got success:)
  17. Samuel joyce

    Rug Cleaning Process, explained.

    Thanks for this wonderful piece of info .These are extremely useful if you’re looking for convenience and to save time.