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  1. EverythingFlooring

    Custy said they DID NOT put a finish on this floor. What do you think.

    Do you think finish was applied? Customer is stating that there was no finish applied but I think the pic tells the story...We denied the claim that the LVT was defective, now it's back for appeal... Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  2. EverythingFlooring

    Home Depot neutral cleaners?

    I know some of you guys buy products at Home Depot. I'm going to be doing some product testing in regards to LVT, and I'm looking for the best neutral cleaners available at HD. What do you buy? What do you like about it? Home Depot products only. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  3. EverythingFlooring

    Surfaces...Who is Going?

    I wouldn't mind meeting some of you Ma'fakrs...anyone going? Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
  4. EverythingFlooring

    Are you in Georgia?

    I just had a telephone interview with a company in the Calhoun GA area. It's more installation based position, than maintenance. Seems like an interesting opportunity. But I'd have to close down my business and move. I was wondering about the state/area. What are the good/bad things about this...
  5. EverythingFlooring

    Ran into a floor I can't identify...

    30 yrs experience in the flooring industry, never seen anything like it...almost looks like concrete over cement board with fake grout joints. Owner was no help. It's hard like ceramic, but it's not. Couldn't get under an edge to see what's going on underneath. I'm going to schedule a demo...
  6. EverythingFlooring

    Do any of you guys play chess?

    I'm looking for new people to play on My friends are learning how I play and have started to be able to win. I need to broaden my horizons. It's the only way I'm going to get better. I'll usually play a 3 day games so that there's no pressure to make moves. But any challenge between...
  7. EverythingFlooring

    How many times have you been to the odercide site?

    I'm guessing I've been redirected there 150 times...
  8. EverythingFlooring

    What's your hangover cure?

    I did it all right tonight...had a great time losing $20 on poker(lost it all on a flush, against the dead mans hand)....I was up I was down. Good times...I had a designated driver...trying to finish my gatoraid. What's your hangover cure? (Oh and what prespray do you use?)
  9. EverythingFlooring

    Murphy's law...

    Break downs will happen at the worst time... The starter on the van died 4th floor of a parking garage. It was last night at midnight. So I had to leave my van all alone overnight, down town in a garage. Couldn't tow it out, if we lifted it, it would hit the ceiling. Couldn't push it out, I...
  10. EverythingFlooring

    Little League World Series

    Good job to my home town kids.(Red Land) Good luck on Saturday...
  11. EverythingFlooring

    What are you guys doing this weekend?

    I thought I was going to be working, but I pushed hard all week to get the student housing done. (108 units in 2, 8 story bldgs) So the wife made plans,I'm on my own, I'm taking captain Murphy camping and fishing.
  12. EverythingFlooring

    She complained about the price! I'm venting.

    She runs a hotel,(La Quinta) called me to reinstall brand new carpet. (One room) This is 3 month old carpet. SS said it was permanent. I figured stain protection is still fresh..(nylon) I don't like installing anymore, so I said "let's try to get it out first"... at the time she said if I get it...
  13. EverythingFlooring

    Can you use photoshop?

    Ready Set Go!
  14. EverythingFlooring cleans houses too.

    I had to use tile master it was. Really worked great. I wish I had a before pic...
  15. EverythingFlooring

    I guess I got a new pre-spray(from theChive)

    I saw this on the chive post about can use it on everything. Even carpet
  16. EverythingFlooring

    To you installers, ever carpet a boat?

    I've been an installer for 30+ years I've never done a boat before...this should be fun...
  17. EverythingFlooring

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Just another day around here...still got complaints..the Gruyere is too smokey...the bacon bits aren't fresh made(horemel bacon bits to save time)...dilled molasses carrots, twice baked French onion soup potatoes, and Jims meat loaf....
  18. EverythingFlooring

    Is there a light available for a CRB?

    I had to put a head light on the whittaker...I was sick of the lights going out in the cube farm I'm working in(motion sensors), it's also very dark under some desks. So I improvised...
  19. EverythingFlooring

    How old is your TM? Just curious.

    Mine turns 10yr old this month. 98,000mi 1500hrs. I was wondering who's got the oldest (still in service) on the forum.
  20. EverythingFlooring

    How much do you charge for concrete?

    Not trying to start a big thread or nothing, but... 75,000 sqft of concrete...warehouse...unoccupied for a "few" years. What's you're sq. ft price? I'm thinking I'll bid the same price it'll be to fix my boat motor...
  21. EverythingFlooring

    Why does the app scroll weird now?

    Or is it just me? (Iphone app)
  22. EverythingFlooring

    What do you call the fur balls that come out of a Whittaker when the vacuum program isn't working?

    Anybody else call them dreadlocks? In front of a customer they're "rug bunnies" cause they multiply.... But to the techs....they're "dreads"...
  23. EverythingFlooring

    Anyone know how to test the capacitors inside of a whittaker?

    I'm pretty sure the caps are bad, but I'd like to test them before replacing them. I have a multi tester, but not sure of the resistance it should be. Anyone?
  24. EverythingFlooring

    Where's Dave?

    Daves' not here man.
  25. EverythingFlooring

    Happy Winter.

    Let the heating, and winterizing begin.