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    Recommendation on the best upholstery tool to purchase for a truckmount unit Thanks In advance
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    which of the two would you recommend for daily cleaning Black Label or RSF spiked with grout master. I use Bio pro 10k for the rat nasty stuff. Thanks in advance.
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    I recently purchased a new Truckmount and I love it. So my question is I went from a steamway 2100 fuel burn to a heat exchanger.My 2100 would hold 200 degrees heat all day. My heat exchanger runs at about 180 / 190 degrees. So is this heat suitable for carpet cleaning. Its cleans very well...
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    CRB ?

    Would like some advice on the best brand of a CRB to purchase. And a 15 or 20 inch Thanks in advance
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    Got my new custom built TM from Kacy this week and it's a monster. Love it best carpet cleaning decision I've ever made the guy is amazing
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    It's a done deal

    After five months of looking shopping around every where. Talking to it seems like everyone in the world about Truckmounts. I have a new Reliabuilt custom TM on the way Kacy and I designed to best fit my needs. The only thing I'm a little nervous about is on this TM I got an heat exchanger...
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    Cash price

    Not sure if you can do this in the truckmount world but I'll ask. When buying a brand new truckmount if you are going to pay with cash. can you offer a lower price. if the price is 20,500 before tax. Just for the unit what is an reasonable cash offer. Thanks in advance.
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    Would like some input if you have one or know of someone who does.

    I have visited both head headquarters ( place of manufacture) this week looked at both units. the TCS Big Chief II and Judson C4. if you had a choice to purchase one of the two which one would you choose. why and why not. ONCE AGAIN THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP.
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    Thoughts on propan vs fuel oil

    After all the feed back from everyone and advice I've gotten I thank you. I would like to get some input on three TM the El Diablo, TCS Big chief II, and the Judson C4 if I purchase the diablo it's a 22 hour drive for me if I needed it worked on and could not fix it myself. the big chief is a...
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    judson fuel oil

    Can you put a fuel oil burner on a Judson C4 truckmount I don't want the propane.
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    I think I have made my Decision

    What do you guy's and gents think about the EL Diablo would love some feed back before I make this purchase. Thanks.
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    Is it Pete or the Blue Baron

    Looking to purchase a new truckmount. I do not do this fulltime but I have been doing it for 15 pluse years I run the old Legacy 2100 steamway I like the new 2200 but can't seem to get enough info on it when searched for. so I looked into the Apex 570 seems compact and over engineered but all in...