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  1. bojangles

    Royalty Carpet Mills

    kind of a longshot posting this hear, but has anyone heard what happened to royalty carpet mills? I got an email this morning from the sales rep, saying they are gone. There's was some of the best stuff in the business, and made any carpet cleaners life much easier.
  2. bojangles

    nylon 6,6

    anybody have any experience with nylon 6,6 or Ultron? is this stuff legit, or just another chemistry experiment?
  3. bojangles

    this could be the worst mistake of my life

    I bought a carpet and flooring store today. I haven't been on here all summer, i've been busy getting financing and negotiating the deal. It all came together, finally today. I hope it goes well. i'm a little excited, we've got a 3000 square foot show room and a 1500 sq ft warehouse...
  4. bojangles


    How do you get this stain out. Who knows how long this was here, as someone didn't get their can on the can in time.
  5. bojangles

    who has the best deals on shipping chems?

    now and then i need something and i don't have time to make the 4 hour round trip to the distributor. and there are some products that my distributor doesn't carry that i like to use. last time i ordered 1 bottle of something from aramsco, formerly interlink, it was $20 shipping and took...
  6. bojangles

    pet stains popping back up

    seems like every time i use an OSR type product,(i'm currently using PC odor rescue, i think) the pet stains just come back the next day, not matter how much i rinse, and no matter how many dry passes i do. should i switch products? maybe PC odor rescue is just lame? is there a better way?
  7. bojangles

    laibility waiver forms?

    this is odd, but i have a lady in an apartment complex that wants her carpet deordorized, at the expense of the owners, and is acting like her son will die as soon as i get done from toxic hazards. are there any standard liability release waivers floating around out there that i can make her...
  8. bojangles

    social media woes

    so, a few years back i started a facebook yardsale page, sponsored by my carpet cleaning company. so, in our tiny town, it has grown to over 6k members, and has spawned quite a few copy cat sites as well. so, other carpet cleaners post, and are recommended constantly when the subject comes up...
  9. bojangles


    why don't we all just quit our day jobs and sell plexus? we'll all feel so much better, and be rich, and god will bless us. i get soooo tired of mlm garbage. it's all you ever hear from some people. i mean, what if carpet cleaning was a mlm? I think next time i get hit up for plexus...
  10. bojangles

    Pet odor revisited.

    ok, so i did a pet odor job this week, where i pulled up the carpet, replaced the pad, painted the floor in the troubled areas, cleaned the carpet top and bottom with PC odor rescue, re-installed the carpet, and deodorized with bridgepoint biomodifier extreme with hydrocide. how should i be...
  11. bojangles

    how low can ya go?

    it never ceases to amaze me how people in this industry will cut each other's throats as fast as they can to they can be next in line to lose money. some good friends of mine bought a house in Maricopa, AZ, and within a month had 10 solicitations for carpet cleaning, the last of which said he...
  12. bojangles

    What's my business worth?

    and, "whatever someone will give you for it" doesn't count. I've got some interesting opportunities at hand, and probably couldn't manage my carpet cleaning company and manage another company at the same time. Or wouldn't need/want to anyways. So, one of my competitors has always told me...
  13. bojangles

    non-detergent motor oil

    Today was kind of slow so i used the opportunity to change the oil on my TM. The guy at Napa said i should be using non-detergent motor oil in the 20 horse kholer Command. Is this true? I have no idea..... I'm a certified Non-mechanic.
  14. bojangles

    truckmount payoff

    i was doing some quick math, if i pay my monthly TM payment of 355 a month, my grand total for my 14k of financed payment will be $21,300 or so. So, is it wiser to just pay the thing off, and take a bug chunk out of my working capital, or continue to make the payments and put the surplus money...
  15. bojangles

    mexican helpers

    i've got this friend who wants to work for me, he's mexican. He had a couple of jobs in town, and his waiter job at chili's came to a close. So he asked to do some night work for me. I said sure. He seemed to catch on quickly, and be a great all around guy. So, it came time for the official...
  16. bojangles

    Amsoil ?

    i had a small engine mechanic preach the gospel of amsoil to me for 30 minutes last week. is it worth the spend and hassle?
  17. bojangles

    efforts thwarted by tenant, what now?

    got a call from a PM about a small toilet overflow. showed up, did the usual. left. came back next day for monitoring, and all equipment was removed from effected area, and unplugged, with 1.3 hours on the hour meter. set things back up again. came back next day for monitoring. same deal...
  18. bojangles

    turn $200 into $300

    nothing new here, but stuff i've been working on this year to increase ticket averages. pull up a stool, newbies. 1) add services. sometimes it's simple stuff that brings home the bacon. i dug in my garage and found dremel that is made like the Fein tool. i bought the grout saw bit, and...
  19. bojangles

    Clarke portables anyone?

    anyone have any experience with clarke portables? i have an opportunity to buy one that is used and in good shape. it seems to have heat, but no pump out.
  20. bojangles

    iicrc laminate flooring inspector

    had a high end laminate floor go bad. i didnt know if there was anyone in arizona who can inspect. mannington sent out their inspector today, who, didn't listen to a thing i said. the finish is coming off the floor with routine cleaning with the bona cleaning system. i'm pretty sure he's...
  21. bojangles

    wool prespray

    i have a wool carpet tomorrow. i've cleaned a few wool carpets, but not many. what do you think about using PC's fine fabric prespray for wool carpet? It is for wool, I believe, and should be gentle enough for wool. this is fancy stuff in a fancy house. not sure why these pics arent...
  22. bojangles

    spayer options

    i'm tired of my hydroforce sprayer. it's a bundle of problems. i won't mention the details, but i'm tired of fixing this thing. other than a pump up, what kind of sprayer do you use, or what other options are out there?
  23. bojangles

    does average income per household effect your ticket?

    i noticed that a county in Virginia has the top spot as the highest income per household for a county in the nation, and also holds 5 of the top 25 highest income per household counties in the nation, and Maryland has 6 of the top 25 counties. evidently there's a lot of money spilling out of...
  24. bojangles

    Sapphire Scientific 370 1000 hour review

    if you're thinking of taking the plunge on a new TM--- Seems like sometimes when things just get rolling along good you hit your biggest roadblocks. Such happened about a year and a half ago when my truckmount sputtered to a stop. The diagnosis at Allen Equipment in Chandler, Az was...
  25. bojangles

    troublesome pet spots

    i have these pet spots that turned light pink after i cleaned them. crazy, i've seen this happen a time or two before, but this time it's in a probly close to a million dollar house. frustrating. i used PC's odor rescue, and followed up with peroxide on some of them, and my own stain magic on...