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  1. PortableMan

    CRB Low Moisture/ Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine

    USED 3 TIMES brought at Feel free to ask any questions Located in Georgia Norcross, 30093 Call Only 678-400-9036 $1900 Or best offer
  2. PortableMan

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !

    Happy Thanksgiving to all
  3. PortableMan

    From Dragon to Sapphire, from van to box truck.

    Congratulation Man good choice to grow with!
  4. PortableMan

    Wand recommendations

    Check classified section New Carpet truckmount wands , Pro chem style quad 4 jet. one 2 inch 4 jets . 12 inch wand head $275
  5. PortableMan

    My new van and cds got destroyed in a wreck

    sorry to hear that. Hope you rebuilt soon!
  6. PortableMan

    Set-up & Breakdown Contest! (Rob Allen vs Mike Camacho)

    150 feet run rob Set-up Time- 4 minutes 22 sec. Breakdown / Reload Time- 3 minutes 10 sec Total Time = 7 minutes & 32 sec. Mike Set-up Time- 6 minutes Breakdown / Reload Time- 5 minutes Total Time = 11 minutes
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    Steal of the day!

    Great Deal, was that a Garage Sale?
  8. PortableMan

    Phoenix r200 lgr info

    I have some like , lite , purge line button . good product depend on price.
  9. PortableMan

    Cub XL low pressure

    yes, make sure u getting water to machine. like water tank or water hose from house.
  10. PortableMan

    Cub XL low pressure

  11. PortableMan

    Cub XL low pressure

    Try using prime solution hose in the cut off end in the blower, engine on see if 5 to 10 minutes pressure rise.
  12. PortableMan

    how often do you change the oil in your tm

    Every 100 on motor & oil filter Every 500 on pump , blower and grease spark plugs , fuel filter
  13. PortableMan

    How do you know which chemical to use?

    Me too rinse with 100% Spring water.
  14. PortableMan

    adding a rinse

    Natural Spring water lol
  15. PortableMan

    baby pictures in marketing

    Try photo bucket or take pictures your self.
  16. PortableMan

    How to keep stuff from bouncing around in the van

    bungees and some type of shelf will help.
  17. PortableMan

    whats up man its Al

    whats up man its Al
  18. PortableMan

    A Plus Service

    Nice name, yeah sound like your company:p
  19. PortableMan

    A Plus Service

    A Plus Service We specialize in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and Air duct cleaning .Professional, experience and trained technician. All work is performed by IICRC certified carpet cleaning technician.
  20. PortableMan

    Which would you prefer?

    Keep looking man