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  1. powerhouse_cc

    Restoration Question

    I would like to start or add on restoration for water and mold. I have completed and passed WRT, Applied structural drying class and took my mold class today. As a carpet cleaner for the last 10 years i have zero experience in restoration. Can I start doing this stuff already or do I need...
  2. powerhouse_cc

    Stonepro Bootcamp SoCal

    I purchased the 3 day course for learning how to restore granite, marble, terrazzo, you name it even cement. I posted videos on my instagram @powerhouse_cc My review of the class [emoji294]️ [emoji294]️ [emoji294]️ [emoji294]️ [emoji294]️ Five stars all the way around. Not only did I learn...
  3. powerhouse_cc

    Social media traffic

    What are you doing to drive traffic to your site? If any... Facebook ads? Instagram ads? Hashtags are you using them? Yelp, Vero, MySpace ;-p
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    Do you have Instagram? Follow @powerhouse_cc I’ll follow back...
  5. powerhouse_cc

    100 yelp reviews

    Finally made it to 100 reviews...
  6. powerhouse_cc

    Elevator in house?!

    How many of y’all ever get customers with elevators in their homes?
  7. powerhouse_cc

    Persian rugs and more

    Did a total of 14 rugs and 1 big room of carpet and a dining set and bench of upholstery yesterday... repeat business is always the best been doing them 4 years now...
  8. powerhouse_cc

    Small agitation tool

    Have you guys ever used something like this for Agitation on stairs or upholstery? Got drill bit from Amazon it’s the softest one...
  9. powerhouse_cc

    Flooded elevator

    Emptied the bottom of an elevator today it was filled with water from a slab leak... was wondering if anybody has had a similar experience before? It was filled with a lot of water 4-500+ gallons idk I stopped counting after 5 or 6 trips (I don’t have a pump out I felt it today)
  10. powerhouse_cc

    Housecall pro and yelp integrated pilot

    So yesterday I signed up for a test pilot between Housecall pro and yelp for insta scheduling. Yelp currently offers “request a quote” button for customers this will be replaced with “schedule now” where customers type in the amount of rooms and schedule to your calendar. The calendar is...
  11. powerhouse_cc

    Cool idea

    I remember when I first started I
  12. powerhouse_cc

    Rat nasty

  13. powerhouse_cc

    Nissan nv

    cutting it close today. I couldn't even fit my finger in the crack...