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  1. onfire_02_01

    Company Fragrance

    I am contemplating having a company Fragrance. Meaning that when we are done cleaning, your house will smell like oarnges/leamons/fresh ect. every time to leave a pleasing aroma as well as pleasing sight to what I have cleaned. Is anyone else doing this and if so how are you best delivering that...
  2. onfire_02_01

    Has anyone heard of Front Porch?

    It is also called porch. They are teaming up with Lowe's to recommend 4 professionals per industry (including carpet cleaning) per store. They want $300 for 2 stores per month to be apart of the program. The sales rep "claims" each of the companies will get 4-5 jobs per month from each store...
  3. onfire_02_01

    Need a better upholstery tool?

    I was cleaning a pillow top extra fluffy mattress today and I had a problem. I was using my Stainless 3" internal jet upholstery tool which has been my standard for years, but on this job the extra fluffy top was sucking too far up into the tool and I was only able to clean 3/4 to 1 inch of...
  4. onfire_02_01

    What is your most profitable service?

    I am doing a business review of sorts, looking at what services I want to offer, which ones I want to drop, and which ones I want to add. With that said I wanted to know what other people found to be their services with the highest profit margins.
  5. onfire_02_01

    First Residential tile cleaning and it was a disaster

    The grout was suppose to be white, I used the viper peroxiblast, I was able to get it to off white but it did do a nice job of removing the finish off the grandfather clock in the hallway. what did I do wrong? I did then spend 2.5 hours with a paint brush sealing the grout lines. Any alternatives?
  6. onfire_02_01

    the value of used equipment?

    More generally what is the value of used equipment? How do you determine the value? More specifically, I have two hydramaster hydracat truckmounts that I am going to sell. I have taken one to a couple of special events at suppliers and I have had one person offer $100 for the complete system...
  7. onfire_02_01

    Need help critique my process!

    I could use some help from the outside to help me refine my process. I have a poly tarp layed out in my garage floor which i then puta plastic grid tile down and the rug on top of that. 1. I vacuum the rug 3x on the face, flip over vacuum 2x on the back, flip over and vacuum the face again 2. I...
  8. onfire_02_01

    masterblend is dying and taking my money with it.

    Approximately June 1st I ordered a new truckmount from masterblend because mine broke down and I am tired of fixing it. My supplier told me 4 days to have it shipped and we will install it Monday of the next week. I called on Thursday before to finalize times and was told that it would be 3-4...
  9. onfire_02_01

    which el diablo should i get?

    On Thursday my truckmount gave up a piston. (oil filter blew off and lost all the oil) I was planning on buying a new one this fall, but have decided to move up the purchase to now instead of repairing the old one. But I don't know which el Diablo I should buy. I have like the propane burner...
  10. onfire_02_01

    portable internal piping question

    I was doing some commons with my single cord portable today. While taking a break I opened the 'guts' to look at the components. I noticed that the vac motors are 2inch tubed but then go to a 1.5inch tube into the waste tank. Is there a reason for this with 2-stage motors? Would I get more...
  11. onfire_02_01

    Advertizing at Lifetime fitness

    Hello all, I got a call from a marketing firm that wanted to sell me an ad spot on the TV's at my local Lifetime fitness. Has anyone ever done this, has it worked? It is $1,000 - 1,200 for a 15 second spot that rotates through out the day on 10 min. intervals. The spot lasts for the entire...
  12. onfire_02_01

    need help with my valpack add.

    Lo Can you guys help me out with the wording here. I am looking to change the wording above the offers to give the ad a bit more punch. What do you suggest!
  13. onfire_02_01

    Fuel consumption on an El Diablo

    Does anyone know what the fuel consumption is on the El Diablo? How much on the engine and the Diesel heater? How much on the engine and the Propane heater? I am looking to compare a few different truckmounts.
  14. onfire_02_01

    Name tags

    Hey guys I am looking for a place that does photo name tags/ID badges. Anyone know where to get them from? I am looking for the ones to add company logo, technician photo, and name. I see a lot of corporations using them but I also assume they do them in house, I would only be looking for a...
  15. onfire_02_01

    Yesterdays job

    I just wanted to brag a little over this job
  16. onfire_02_01

    Robo Calls

    Does anyone know how to get rid of robo calls? I get many calls a day where there is no one on the other end and hangs up as soon as I say hello. If I call back they fall into one of three catagories, Press a number to be removed from our list, it goes to a general mail routing system, or...
  17. onfire_02_01

    iicrc what a worthless pos orginization!

    So i finally broke down and took the iicrc water damage course and test. My credit card was declined because the bank issued me a new one. That was my fault i suppose. When i get the invoice to pay it, i try calling to pay it. I have been trying to pay for a week and a half, all i get is hold...
  18. onfire_02_01

    water damage forms

    I just completed my 'wrt' class and took the test. The instructor said there were contract forms on the restoration science acadamy website but i cannot find them. Does anyone know where i can get any forms, customer contract, progress charts, ect, that i can modify for my own use?
  19. onfire_02_01

    need help with a cleaner/disinfectant

    Hey guys i am looking for a cleaner/disinfectant for a possible new job. It is a childrens therapy place, current company is barelly cleaning and definatly not sanitizing. Considerations are that there is clients and staff with chemical/odor sensitivitys. What do you guys like?
  20. onfire_02_01

    question on couplers

    Why does all truck mounts come with either a rubber star insert or belt drive? Why does no one use a universal joint, chain, or some of the many other coupler options? Some of the other tech minded people want to weigh in.
  21. onfire_02_01

    need help deciding what to buy

    I am going to start pushing escaping as part of a maintenance plan for my commercial customers but I can't decide what to buy. Here is what I am thinking about: 1. Rotowash/multiwash/duplex - I like the many applications here, pre scrubbing carpet, grout, ect. I love the fact that these...
  22. onfire_02_01

    Anyone use marketing programs?

    I was at The Experience this year and went to many of the marketing classes, as marketing is a weak point in my business. I wanted to know if anyone here has had experience with using the different programs out there good or bad. I am thinking of programs like Joe Pollish, Jeff Cross, John...
  23. onfire_02_01

    Movie Theater Question

    We recently cleaned an upscale movie theater. The head maintenance guy required us to do a rotary cleaning of the entire common area. We used a low speed rx-20 to clean everything and it looked great. Couple days later he calls back and says that spots have returned all over the area. I...
  24. onfire_02_01

    Hiring a new sales manager, questions

    I am hiring a fellow carpet cleaner who can no longer clean because of back injury to be my marketing/sales guy. I have never hired anyone on commission before so I wanted to ask you guys some questions about how to do it. In short what I want to do is pay the following. The person would be...
  25. onfire_02_01

    Last job of the day and this is what I get!

    The job was a living room, hallway, and part of a bedroom. The husband didn't think the carpet was that bad and didn't need cleaning. The wife wanted it cleaned because their 6 month old would be walking soon and she wanted clean carpet. They had used a rug doctor in the past but it was no...