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    Cross American Corporation

    Hello Everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! I tried contacting Ed Valentine this afternoon at his office and the phone was disconnected. Did CA close or get bought out. Hope Ed is ok. Thank you, Paul
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    Need help

    Hello, Thank you in advance for your help. I have an account in a rehab center, coffee, soda, dirt and hsking mop bucket mishaps.This carpet is old grey rubber backed carpet squares that’s a wick back wait to happen. methods used: Encapsulation- did ok, but still looked dingy with...
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    Old Commercial rubber back carpet squares!!!!

    Hello everyone, I have an account that has very old rubber backed ( gray) carpet in a rehab center. 99.9 is coffee or soda and hot coco stains. Along with Hsking mop bucket spills. methods range from encapsulation to scrubbing with the cimex then extraction...
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    Cross American Wins....

    Ed V, I just have to say what a great machine you built. I’m have been an operations manager for several big cleaning companies over the years. We used everything on the market for indoor carpet cleaning, most are so-so. It’s seems like there is always something, size, power, hose to...
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    Where did Greenie go?

    Hello, Where is this guy, did he go up in smoke....went ghost on me. Thanks, Paul
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    Two questions?

    Hello, I'm a old cleaner been out of touch for a while. My first question is: what happened to Greenie? The green glide founder with lisa? Talked with him awhile back and he was in the Bay Area. Number #2 question, looking for a small heater,lil giant or something along these lines...
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    New to board,cleaned for ten years+

    Hello, I'm not new to cleaning at all, tore my back to bits, forced to close my business. Now I teach employee's safety, carpet cleaning, housekeeping, stripping/ waxing on a big scale. Anyway, I still have two portables and a TM, on one of the portables I'm adding auto fill, want to...