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    Help Guide to clean manufactured wood with squeegee wand? Please Help

    I have a client who just moved into a very used home. We cleaned their tile, garage and carpets and had very happy clients. The next day they asked if we could do their manufactured wood. I looked into buying one of the wood floor scrubbers like the Clarke, Dirt Dragon or lindhaus but was a...
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    Coronavirus loan or aid for Sole Proprietor without employees?

    Trying to sift through disaster loan and aid possibilities. I applied for a Disaster Loan and have not heard anything. They tell you to apply for a Fema registration number and when I called they said I didn't need one. Has anyone navigated through the paperwork with any success? I'm wondering...
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    Replace Waste Tank Blower Filter for El Diablo

    My filter broke away from the threads and I'm going to try to use Marine Glue to reattach it. Interlink quoted me a $140. Anybody know of a cheaper way to get one? Napa couldn't match it and there is not a part number. Thanks for your help.
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    Amazon Services

    Hey Everyone, Amazon calls me twice a day to become part of their Amazon services provider program. Has anybody ventured into this new arena? Just searched the topic and found that it was another rip off. If anyone likes this service please let me know and why.
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    El Diablo loosing RPM

    My El Diablo is loosing RPMs after it runs four a couple hours. It will drop from 3100 down to 2700. The kunkle valve is only set to 11 and it is a Honda 24HP with around 900 hours. I started putting a blower in the van to circulate air but it still bogged down yesterday. Any ideas? I might pull...
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    New Google Map treat

    I don't know how many of you are utilizing Google maps but when you come up on the first page you get a lot of calls. I probably get ten calls a week from companies wanting me to pay for a first page listing. I'm wondering if any one knows how these companies post a landing page instead of the...