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  1. Jeff Marek

    Tile and grout cleaning

    Thanks for the input, I’ll definitely use my 15” spinner then.
  2. Jeff Marek

    Tile and grout cleaning

    Got a Gekko 4 jet brush head recently, want to use it in a job later in the week. Anyone use one regularly and at what PSI do you clean with? TIA
  3. Jeff Marek

    2.5 inch hose

    Thanks, your a life saver!!
  4. Jeff Marek

    2.5 inch hose

    Anyone know were I can purchase a 10 foot piece of 2.5 inch vacuum hose? I found 3 inch and 2 inch now I need 2.5... TIA
  5. Jeff Marek

    Portable Equipment for sale

    Probably easier and cheaper to pick-up.
  6. Jeff Marek

    Portable Equipment for sale

    I’m located near Chicago, Illinois. I’m sure it can be shipped, just don’t know how much?!
  7. Jeff Marek

    Portable Equipment for sale

    Portable Carpet Cleaning Equipment Lot All items are in great working & clean condition- Great for adding to your already established business, custodial needs or for a new business start up! $1,500 FIRM for entire Lot Serious inquiries only PM for details Mytee Speedster Deluxe Model...
  8. Jeff Marek

    How many psi should be used?

    250-500psi for carpet 200 degrees, 900psi for Gekko spinner on T&G, 500 for squeegee tools 200 degrees. 200psi for upholstery and heat no hotter than 150 degrees...
  9. Jeff Marek

    Need advice on sofa cleaning

    We use the same code as Doctor’s: DO NO HARM... When it comes to pet urine, we simply do not take ownership. We’re upfront with our processes and never commit to complete extraction, especially when you can’t see all of the contamination. If you are not comfortable, do not take the job... ( Just...
  10. Jeff Marek

    Carpet cleaning Classifieds,Ebay & Craigslist steals & deals thread

    Anyone in the market for a new truckmount in the Midwest (or anywhere for that matter), I urge you to consider Total Cleaning Solutions out of Fort Wayne, Indiana! Their Clean Worx TM’s are well built, powerful, reliable, and best of all affordable. The owner, Mark, is a great guy! Honest...
  11. Jeff Marek


    IMO glides are a game changer.
  12. Jeff Marek


    TCS Chief, avg hose length 125’
  13. Jeff Marek


    Looking for suggestions on size jets to use and configuration. Thinking about 11001”s on the outside, and 11002”s on the inside. I have a 4 jet titanium Westpak TIA
  14. Jeff Marek


    Looking for suggestions on size jets to use and configuration. Thinking about 11001”s on the outside, and 11002”s on the inside. I have a 4 jet titanium Westpak TIA
  15. Jeff Marek

    Need some ideas on sealing waste tank lid.

    I have the same TM... We just use 3M window seal and replace every spring. We apply it to the tank lip and separations. I’ll be interested to see if anyone has a better idea myself!!
  16. Jeff Marek


    Looking to hang my Gecko wand and other things off the ceiling of my Ford van, anyone have any suggestions? Trying not to have stuff falling everywhere when we go over rougher roads... TIA
  17. Jeff Marek

    How much furniture do you move?

    First and foremost we are a carpet cleaning company, not movers, I agree with one of the responses above, how dirty can the carpet be if it’s covered?! Second, the liability factor, injuries or damage to a customers furniture could cause higher insurance premiums. Third, increases the amount of...
  18. Jeff Marek


    I have the titanium version of this wand and she’s a beast, plus I can clean more with less fatigue!!
  19. Jeff Marek


    Recommendations for cat urine removal from a mattress. Pillow top Queen, do you soak it or inject it with your favorite OSR? TIA
  20. Jeff Marek

    Groutmaster film on tile

    Do smaller sections, that way you can control the cleaning. Always keep the tile moistened with GM, and follow up with the micro-fiber mop to dry as the esteemed gentlemen before me have stated. We always scrub the grout lines and let the GM solution dwell at least 10mins.
  21. Jeff Marek

    ammonia based detergent

    Harvard makes a good upholstery cleaner, self-neutralizing.
  22. Jeff Marek

    Carpet wick back

    A good fiber rinse in your chemical injection, lower PSI, slower rinse strokes, and a few more dry strokes and you can eliminate most wicking issues. (IM0)
  23. Jeff Marek

    Let's talk shipping times

    I use TCS out of Fort Wayne, Indiana for most of my supplies. Usually next day delivery! I’ve also used Jon-Don, and Interlink supply and they’re 1-2 day delivery also.