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  1. United Custodians LLC

    Help please

    As I’m cleaning the floors they look dull they got to have something on them that was making them shine as I clean the stuff is coming off any ideas of what I can put on them to give a shine back must not make the floor slick
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    Change to the page

    I got on my iPad and noticed the layout is different now than on my phone where is the discussions at is it now Latest Activity
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    Lowe’s messed up my order

    anybody have any ideas on how I can vacuum a wall with this I bought a vacuum just for an att that had bristles on the bottom this is what I get not happy I don’t know if I can put a sock over the end no time to return
  4. United Custodians LLC

    Does this sound confusing

    On this finial clean I’m going to keep up and communicate with post it notes I pretty much have 3 steps ceilings walls, windows , than floors .First person comes in vacuums ceilings and walls and baseboards come out of the room mark with a post it note that will tell me I can can clean window...
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    Locial Creaigslist

    this is so tempting but I don’t need so I figured I would share
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    I found a earring and just laid it on a desk last weekend come in this weekend to this I would love to hear stories from some of you a simple act of kindness is more than words can say
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    Back to the drawing board

    I recently come to a agreement on a finial cleaning once the project manger ran every thing by his boss he cant justify paying that much for cleaning I also clean their building and now he wants two more quotes hopefully they are just for comparison now I have a lot of mixed emotions
  8. United Custodians LLC

    Keeping wheels clean

    I just recently bought the Orbot Vibe the big wheels on the back are rubber and I know dirt and gravel are going to stick in them my thought was to put shower caps on them during transportation I need to keep them wheels clean for when I clean wood floor anybody have ideas
  9. United Custodians LLC

    Wood floors

    One on my customers want me to clean her wood floors and carpet once a month using my Orbot Vibe can I use my superzorb pads on the wood floors to help keep them clean if so what cleaner should I use that’s safe for small children and pets would Boniva be good along with machine
  10. United Custodians LLC

    Seen some good deals

    I was searching Facebook market and seen cleaning equipment for sell none of them where in my state so y’all should check it out you never know cleaning companies shut down and sell all their stuff off
  11. United Custodians LLC

    I want to pick your brain’s

    This cleaner come with my machine have any of you tried it if so can you please give me some tips
  12. United Custodians LLC

    Care for superzorb

    The care instructions said do not stick in dryer has any one dried theirs on low temp for 20 min or the airfuff setting
  13. United Custodians LLC

    Just found out I bought

    has any one used this product I was checking my bank account and realized I must have hit the buy with one click button on Amazon by accident now it’s on its way
  14. United Custodians LLC

    Big bid

    Ok I’m asking for advice I have a 16,000 sq ft finial cleanup on a construction remodel, I have to price the whole building windows need to be clean ,carpets vacuumed , desk and cubicles wiped down bathroom , and bulk is already picked up would it be better by sq ft or total price what should I...
  15. United Custodians LLC

    Job from hell

  16. United Custodians LLC

    Convincing customers to buy new services

    I’m going to be adding tile and grout cleaning as part of my services picking up new customers come easy for me but getting existing customers to purchase your extra services can be tricky what are some effective way y’all have found would love to here your thoughts Thank You Lesia
  17. United Custodians LLC

    Tile bid

    What should I be charging a sq ft on cleaning tile once a year job