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  1. Kurt Harris

    Best place for rugs

    I am not sue about I can refer you luxurydaily... Enjoy
  2. Kurt Harris

    My new Rug Shop

    Rob congratulations.... You are doing great.... Keep it spirit alive.. :)
  3. Kurt Harris

    Rug ruffle cleaning suggestions

    Clean you carpet with your steam cleaner in the hot water. Only use the real stuff. Believe me. The cheap version leaves a white residue on stuff. Plus it smells weird. So good stuff only. And when I say “clean your carpet” know I refilled my steam cleaner 6 times to get step 1 done.
  4. Kurt Harris

    HELP First Area Rug....

    You can refer your client to somebody who knows how to do it effectively. That would be a great option.
  5. Kurt Harris

    Rug Cleaning Process, explained.

    Joseph that was wonderful... Keep sharing such information.. :)
  6. Kurt Harris

    How do you clean this rug?

    I use vacuum cleaner generally for such rugs . Unlike carpets made of synthetic fibers, soil can be vacuumed from wool carpets very easily. These carpets can be maintained well, with regular vacuuming and cleaning. A vacuum cleaner with a rotating beater bar can be used for agitating the carpet...
  7. Kurt Harris

    rug cleaning grates

    I use something similar to that, it's not what I wanted but for now it will be fine. What I wanted was those 1' vinyl tiles with a waffle grid but there is a difference of $5 bucks per foot, so, I'll stick with the rubber mats. I was looking for the same. Thanks for posting may be it would help...
  8. Kurt Harris


    I used M5 and Air Series Air Hog for a long time... Pretty much satisfied with the performance. :)
  9. Kurt Harris

    Two Cops trying their luck in carpet cleaning need help.

    The EZ Portable Spot Extractor is ideal for spot removal or quick touch-ups in between regular carpet cleanings in homes, offices, schools, and other commercial buildings. Lightweight mini-extractor Ideal for quick touch ups and spot removal 55-PSI pump 3-gallon solution and recovery tanks...
  10. Kurt Harris

    Help me decide!!!

    I'd go with a Driez dryer and thats low moisture cleaning that is great
  11. Kurt Harris

    Feed back needed for carpet cleaning

    Some one altered the text of my original post actually that is a shame!! Now I'm not able to alter It... my bad
  12. Kurt Harris

    Feed back needed for carpet cleaning

    I' I'm a carpet cleaner and getting reviews of the product so that the feedback can be incorporated to get the services better
  13. Kurt Harris

    Feed back needed for carpet cleaning

    What would I do with a link I shared my thoughts on the forum that's it. Plus I'm looking for people's views so that it can be incorporated to get the services better. Thanks all for sharing the views.
  14. Kurt Harris

    Feed back needed for carpet cleaning

    It seems that oxifresh does not have that good reputation in some areas. I think it depends on the franchisee of the area as My carpets are still doing fine, and no such issues as reported above.
  15. Kurt Harris

    Feed back needed for carpet cleaning

    If this is the situation then probably you can take advantage of it and boost your business but I think here in Texas they are doing well.
  16. Kurt Harris

    Feed back needed for carpet cleaning

    Hi I recently hired the services of oxi bad and I was amazed by the horrible quality of service they offer. They are the Eco-unfriendly cleaning guys. I say that they deserve to be incarcerated. Has any one else have a kind of unsuccess story.