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    I am calling to update your listing on Google!

    National do not call registry is only for personal phones and home lines It doesn't apply to business phones
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    Blue Line Blue Wave Liquid Heat Exchanger Replacement

    Liquid to liquid colent heat exchanger is the best and most simple way to heat Water that you can get Way better than propane or fuel fire heat exchangers
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    Prochem Performer 405 water pump switch

    You have to turn the black round thing right above the engine exhaust. On the bottom left of the the machine And bypass the exhaust from going thru the heatexchenger Then the pump will turn off. And you can use that switch to turn the pump back on and off Its for when you just need to use...
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    Looking to buy box truck

    Changing the fuel filter more often is not going to give you better mileage It will make your injections system and fuel pump last longer It's very cheap to buy fuel filters compared to having work done to the fuel system
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    Truckmount Water Heating

    Buy jet fuel around here it's under 3$ a gallon It's basically the same as kerosene not as lubricate as diesel fuel Sent from my Nexus 6 using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Heat exchanger ?

    You will be way better off just getting a new heat exchanger and whatever parts are needed On a pto you have all the hot water you can ever use in the 180 to 190 temperature range and most will go higher temperatures And the design is very simple and reliable If you go kero you will have...
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    Water water everywhere

    If you get floods on a regular basis Take a water damage course and get certified with iirc first Then go to the advance water damage class Then buy a good moisture meter and if you can a ir camera And get all your paperwork together In this industry the right paper work and meters and...
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    Ram Promaster Refinance question

    If you qualify for navy federal credit union they are good Starting in February 6 veterans will qualify for membership If you have a family member that is or was a veteran it's a lot easier to join now Just use them for credit cards and loans don't use them for checking accounts and...
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    How to turn phone calls into customers (and what NOT to do!)

    The way he did the calls is about the same as what we do at the end of every call we get a email with the recorded call as a atachment with time date phone number called and phone number calling
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    Waste tank on prochem truckmount

    You can get gaskets at Walmart were they sell gaskets for Windows and doors Just fine some that is 1 1/2 inching thick Will be a very quick fix If you clean the top of the tank good enough for the gasket to stick good
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    My truck mount won't heat

    Try turning the temperature on the heat exchanger up and down when the machine is off and the key is turned on and see if it makes a clicking noise It's probably the solenoid stuck open and just running water non stop throu the heat exchanger and not letting the water heat up You can find the...
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    Will doing this damage my pump?

    You can use 3/4 quick connects that pressure washers use between the pump and tank That way when it is time to winterize you just unhook the quick connect and put the one going to the pump in to a gallon of antifreeze or whatever you use and unhook the quick connect that is coming from the...
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    Who else gets 2-5 calls a day from 800# US/India /Russia etc

    There is no don't call list for business numbers its only for residential numbers It. Is really easy to have whatever number you want show on the caller id when you call someone it is a nice feature just abused way to much You can set up a pbx server on the cloud for 15 dollars a month...
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    My DIY APO for under $150

    You can also put a t before the check valve right after the pump and run a 1/4 line to the waste tank And have a small amount of water running back to the tank Makes priming way easier to
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    High Rise Work With Truckmount? What's the Highest you've ever gone?

    If it's Comercial carpet do it all with a cimex it will look cleaner and stay cleaner longer than HWE The only time we use the zipper or trex is nurseries and every 4 to 12 times after we encap a greasy restaurant And even the restaurant we are going longer between HWE than before with great...
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    Flood Jets

    The only difference between v t and flood jets are were the water comes out and the spray pattern that's it They are all sized the same for what ever they are rated for So if you have one of each and let's say all 3 of them are 5 flow all 3 jets will flow the same amount of water just have...
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    Flood Jets

    Yep they are all the same a 2 flow tjet is the same as a 2 flow vjet or flood jet
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    Flood Jets

    There all the same the flow rate is at 4000 psi just different jet shapes So a 2 flow jet will flow 2 gallons at 4000 psi or 1 gallon at 2000 psi or 1/2 gallon at 1000 psi and 1/4 gallon at 500 psi Aprox flow not real life not much difference tho So 6. 2 flow jets at 500 psi will be around 1...
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    Heat exchanger

    If you can avoid taking it out all the better It's a real pain to take out and even harder to put back in If the heat exchanger is stopped up you can run the stuff through it to clean it out If it's really messed up just bypass it you will still have 170 to 180 decree water from the coolant...
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    Post a funny picture!!!

    Wow the wife knew more about guns than her husband See gave him just what he asked for Lol
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    Boxxer 323 - Pump out issues.

    They have to be primed first then it will work if there is any air it the line it will not work under vacuum
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    Why no one ever mentions the High Roof Mercedes Vans for this industry???

    The high top promaster is a little over 6 foot and 4 inches tall inside The regular van is at lest 1 foot less
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    Profit margins

    A hack can just be someone running there business with a employee mind set They just don't know any better and it just becomes normal living a very disfunction life It takes a totally different mind set to run a efficient business and for some people it comes easy and for others its just not...
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    Apartment complex

    If you put yourself on the payroll then you would be covered by workman's comp It's a little bit of trouble tho If something did happen you would at least have some income Even if you only pay your self 4k a month all money paid in on payroll taxes will just count for your income tax And...
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    Mobile printer

    It is only worth It if you print a lot We go through about 1.6k page's a month for business and around 300 for personal So it does save us on ink And the speed is great never have to wait for it at all