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  1. Paul Brown

    Oriental Rug Colors Restoration

    Nice job, Johnny! I got lucky on this one...carpets cleaned by another company 5 weeks ago, not to our standards..I had to extract the areas slightly beyond the color loss to get a true color...after dyeing the spots back to the original color...I colored the dyed spots with colored chalk to put...
  2. Paul Brown

    Oriental Rug Colors Restoration

    me either....
  3. Paul Brown

    My newest portable set up. Lighter, more powerful, and more versatile set up yet.

    hi Johnny. i have the original Mytee waterhog with 220 psi pump...for dye jobs and use with my new airhog...
  4. Paul Brown

    My newest portable set up. Lighter, more powerful, and more versatile set up yet.

    Traps stuff really well with excellent airflow...
  5. Paul Brown

    My newest portable set up. Lighter, more powerful, and more versatile set up yet.

    Two series of Mytee Airhogs on stage running into an early Devastator filter in a 8000 Sf auditorium that needed extraction...did the rest of the facility with my Trinity OP and Mytee variable speed rotary...15000sf job....
  6. Paul Brown

    mytee-trex jr for sale brand new in box

    I think John sold me the first TRex jr in 2012.. it’s been a workhorse..I adapted the bonnet driver from the larger need a spacer for it to clear the shroud...I used it to gently bonnet oriental rugs...I’ve made more money with it using it that way then most would believe...
  7. Paul Brown

    I've narrowed it down to Air Hog VS The CFX5 help me decide...

    I have the first Gen single motor airhog, the first gen Airhog plus 2 motors in series, and the new Airhog with two LX motors in series. the new airhog is quite impressive for power. i used it and the old airhog plus, also in series, ganged into a Devastator filter in March to clean a 7900 sf...
  8. Paul Brown

    Something NEW from Bonnet Pro

    They will amaze you.
  9. Paul Brown

    Pics do no justice, Revive it rocket on nasty commercial carpet

    I have a hand crank clothes wringer mounted on a mop bucket...I can rinse then wring bonnets to reuse them on a bigger job...
  10. Paul Brown

    Something NEW from Bonnet Pro

    I’ve been playing with a sample of Bonnetpro’s new powdered additive. It works! Yesterday I cleaned for one of my wife’s former icoworkers at school..older house, worn and ugly olefin carpets...I used Revive_it Rocket with the new booster.. stayed to watch the hearings on tv with her..glanced...
  11. Paul Brown

    CRI Approves bonnet cleaning for maintenance.

    There is one 84000 Sf facility I have cleaned for 19’s been HWE twice in that time...the carpets were replaced 2 years and 8 months longer than their expected lifespan. The contractor who did the initial install at this facility commented while measuring for new floor tiles that he’d...
  12. Paul Brown

    My newest portable set up. Lighter, more powerful, and more versatile set up yet.

    Very interesting thread...It's been a while since I've been here...i've spent the last year studying and using probiotics. I bought a ATP meter to measure bacteria count before and after cleaning and have immersed myself in learning the protocol. One of the things we as cleaners need to do is...
  13. Paul Brown

    New OP by EDIC

    I often use my Mytee TRex jr with a 14” bonnet drive plate from the bigger TRex for small’ll need a 5/8” spacer and longer screws to adapt the bigger plate which sticks out 1/2” beyond the shroud. As such it’s a remarkable cleaning tool at 39 lbs.The variable rpm lets you find the...
  14. Paul Brown

    Bonnet Pro - New technology and product

    Works quite well, John...and you know I’m critical about product performance.
  15. Paul Brown

    NEW Mytee ECO 1.5 HP coming in 2 weeks..What!!

    I’ve spent a lot of time lately running a 11/2 hp 175 rotary. It has a 13 SS shroud and weighs 94 lbs with a 13” driveplate... lots of pressure per sq inch on the driveplate.....with a 15” Mytee or direct mop sales scrubber microfiber pad, it will clean deeper and faster than any other machine I...
  16. Paul Brown

    Bonnet Pro Closeout Specials

    If still available, I’ll take two cases of Revive it Confidence...John
  17. Paul Brown

    Prayer for Molly requested

    Haven’t seen Mike lately...he stays quite busy and the fires and smoke damage is still providing work.
  18. Paul Brown

    NEW Mytee ECO 1.5 HP coming in 2 weeks..What!!

    The amp draw might be the deciding factor... I've tripped breakers with many of my OP tools and rotaries. most 15 amp circuits will trip with a continual draw of 13.7 amps. I usually look for 20 amp circuits. The choice of pads, chemical and amount of solution sprayed can affect amp draw as well...
  19. Paul Brown

    Trinity Spyder

    I've had quiete a variety of OP machines...I was a dealer for Oreck Lowboys of the first more powerful 3/4 hp 3/8 orbit machines. Ive had various Trinities, Orbitec, Mytee. I can't comment on the Orbot, I've never run one except at trade shows. It appears to be a well thought...
  20. Paul Brown

    Prayer for Molly requested

    Been off the board for a while...missed this story but glad that she knows Jesus as does her family. He is the hope for eternity.
  21. Paul Brown

    New Equipment Day - Another Spyder Opinion

    i recently bought a Champ with the new 1 1/2", speed 5, orbit. It is an amazing tool. I bought it sans pump and sprayer because Im cleaning with probiotic cleaners and they need dwell time to deconstruct the biofilm and attack the bad bacteria that pose health threats.. I stage the rooms first...
  22. Paul Brown

    Trinity Spyder

    Good review. I just got a new Champ with the new big spray system. i dont need it because I clean with probiotic cleaners and dwell time is necessary. the new speed 5 is a game changer...much smoother than my Profit and Freedom machines and faster. Paint and built quality has improved...
  23. Paul Brown

    OMEGAZYME Down Under

    Interesting thread. For the last three months I have been cleaning with live culture Probiotic bacteria exclusively. I am pleased with my results and I am learning about probiotics in an experiential way. One of my products has 11 strains of bacteria grown in consortia in a molasses based...
  24. Paul Brown

    FB Dumb question but I gotta ask it. When we...

    Probiotics eat the biofilm that protect bad bacteria, then eat the bad bacteria. They excrete a bio-enzyme that helps deconstruct the biofilm. I have ben using these products for a month and all i can say is they are amazing cleaners. where they don't work: restoring carpet wear that appears as...