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  1. Travis Teague

    Concrete staining

    I recently did my own patio. Stained and sealed it. Came out great. I posted it to my business Facebook page and now I got a paying job for 600 feet of staining and sealing. The patio already has been stained and sealed about 10 years ago but most of it has worn off. So my plan was to strip it...
  2. Travis Teague

    Intense pulse light

    I have seen they are using intense pulse light therapy to break up ink and other blemishes under the skin in people. I an wondering if this could be used in our industry. It is basically just a super bright strobe light at super close range.
  3. Travis Teague

    El Diebalo pump pulsating and chemical feed does not work

    I have spent hours looking through old threads on this but I can't seem to fix my problems. My new van and El diebalo truckmount has a pulsation in the water pressure. I believe this is probably causing the chemical feed to net draw anything in. I have tried rerouting the water input from the...
  4. Travis Teague

    Epoxy caulk

    Is anyone using an epoxy type caulk for re-caulking showers? I found a few marine type sealants I was thinking about trying. The problem with silicon is it has to be bone dry to apply and it takes to long to cure. Customers don't want to be out of their shower for several days.
  5. Travis Teague

    Additional truck now what truck mount

    I'm adding a new truck. I have a offer in on a slightly used neisson 2500 tall roof. Just waiting on the bank to screw around on it. I need the truck to for a few weeks to winter prof it, then wrap it. I'm going to insulate it, then install in floor electric radiant heat. Next question is what...
  6. Travis Teague

    Adam Carolla

    Watch this interview with Adam Carolla. He was a carpet cleaner and said it is the lowest of the low of unskilled labor. Apparently he never cleaned a piss soaker on berber carpet before.
  7. Travis Teague

    Help with this fireplace cleaning

    My custy wants me to clean this Fireplace for her. It had general dust and dirt from 20 plus years of use. High end home I'm already doing the slate tile. If I can't clean it she is having it torn down. I'm thinking vapor steamer and a cotton towel to wipe up the mess. Probably need...
  8. Travis Teague

    Unsealed wood floors

    How are you cleaning unsealed wood floors? Thanks
  9. Travis Teague

    New truck. What should I buy.

    I looking at getting a new van. I like the dodge promaster, but am also looking at a Chevy Express or Ford Vans. I like the promaster as it is taller, better advertising with a nice wrap and I can stand up in it. Will a 1500 do or do I need to step up to a 2500? I would like to carry a little...
  10. Travis Teague

    Really, I mean really.

    They had a carpet cleaner out about 3 months ago. Said the carpet smells bad. Wants me to fix it.
  11. Travis Teague

    Rob, please tell us how it is done.

    So Rob has I think 16 truck operation. Is that right? Really the definition of success. Rob how do you move from one truck to multiple trucks and is it worth it? I can easily make 100k with one truck but if I go on vacation I make nothing. 1. How do you hire guys who don't bang a wand into...
  12. Travis Teague

    Waste tank

    Does a large waste tank say 500 gallons effect the vacuum power? I'm thinking of converting a lawn care truck into a carpet cleaning truck. It has 3 built in tanks. I think 500 gallons per tank. I would love to have 500 of fresh water and 500 of waste water. Thanks
  13. Travis Teague

    Steam wave in Denver

    Anyone know what is going on with Steam wave in Denver. I see they are selling 2 of their trucks. They got sharp looking trucks.
  14. Travis Teague

    Admin, I can't post pics

    Rob Allen III. when I try to post pics it says file is to big. I texted some to another used and he could post for me. Please help. Thanks
  15. Travis Teague

    Odd spots your thoughts

    Customer called, dog peed and she soaked it up used nature's miracle. Spots were almost all gone. Her husband then used a spot bot with the scrubber brush on bottom and a pet/oxy cleaner that came with the soot bot. When it dried she has these dark spots. I took a damp white towel and rubbed it...
  16. Travis Teague

    Interlink in Denver renting truckmounts.

    I just got a post card from interlink in Denver. They are renting vans with truckmounts in case yours breaks down or you got a busy week. I don't know what they charge?
  17. Travis Teague

    Engineered hardwood floor cleaning

    What are your thoughts on this floor. I was going to clean it with my oreck and a cotton bonnet and neutral floor cleaner. Then try to stain the Damaged areas, then apply urethane I have been using reflections from jon don. This is what I usually been doing but this is a engineered hardwood...
  18. Travis Teague


    I got a turbocat to use with the truckmount this week. It is awesome powerful. I work with a major home builder and I do cleaning after there warranty work. They asked me to vaccum a new house 10 days old but customer was complaining about drywall dust. I cleaned it with turbocat and she was...
  19. Travis Teague

    Ammonia and bleach

    So about 3 weeks ago someone in my Facebook feed was bragging and joking about cleaning her bathroom and said she was just going to mix a bunch of cleaners together and start scrubbing. I don't know her but commented that this was a dangerous idea. A day later she posted the coctail smelled...
  20. Travis Teague

    taxes and deprecation of the truckmount.

    So I am thinking of adding a second Tuckmount and a second truck/trailer for backup and to maybe run a employee in the summer time. If I purchase this before 12/31/2017 then can I do accelerated deprecation and deduct the entire amount off the taxable income? If so I am thinking upgrading...
  21. Travis Teague

    Ceramic tile and floor stripper

    So I am cleaning tile floors today and they were not coming clean, grout lines and top had a residue on it. I'm thinking there must be a wax on it. I put zep stripper on it scrubbed and it came right up. Told customer that it was going to take longer because of the wax. They insist there's no...
  22. Travis Teague

    Second truck. How and when?

    How many of you have made the leap from O/O to second truck? When do you know it is time. Sometimes I'm so busy I lose business because I am 2 weeks out or more. Sometimes I am starting at the wall wondering if anyone will ever call. But mostly I think if I had a second truck and a tech I could...
  23. Travis Teague

    Wood floor finish

    Can you look at these pictures. Not sure what happened but finish is cloudy and flakes off in areas. Not sure if someone slapped down polyurethane on old floor. How can I remove this?
  24. Travis Teague

    Cleaning In The dark

    It seems like a lot of my customers have crap lighting in their homes. Dark rooms and only one light bulb. I did a move out rental last week at night and 2 rooms had no light at all. Had a Flashlight In my teeth while cleaning. So I cam up with this idea. Stuck LED light to front of my wand.