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  1. Travis Teague

    Owner Operator a job or a business?

    No, not a job. It is a business and here is why it is a business. My 19 year old daughter has a live in boyfriend who is very lazy, he could not find a job in 6 months. Because he was not really looking but playing xbox. Anyway my wife begged me to gire him as a helper just to get him employed...
  2. Travis Teague

    Rayon rug

    I'm just a novice here and I'm sure I'm not correct in still learning and I run from viscous but what do you think about using an acid. Like brown out. Mist it on, or mist it on a towel and gently rub it in? I'm just thinking of this as it is pink indicating a ph imbalance that is too high. What...
  3. Travis Teague

    HouseCall pro tactics

    I got the simple plan. I had it a long time and they added online booking for me because I called and complained about bunch and they did not change me. I'm grandfathered in on a sweet deal so I am afraid to change anything now.
  4. Travis Teague

    HouseCall pro tactics

    Yes, check mine out click the build quote button.
  5. Travis Teague

    my hangup on using a rinse agent

    Some how the rinse just helps. I cleaner once told me he puts a 1/4 scoop of flex ice in his prespray as it cleaned better.
  6. Travis Teague

    What's your yearly financial goal to reach one day?

    How, ?how do you find these lead guys? I cant have goobers or potheads in my customer homes banging there walls up or scratching there refrigerators doors.
  7. Travis Teague

    What's your yearly financial goal to reach one day?

    Thanks Rick, I currently have 2 trucks. One is just sitting in my backyard. It is good to have a back up in case of breaking down. I am currently trying to hire my first employee but I am finding it is harder to find good workers than I thought. You are right in the first few months they will be...
  8. Travis Teague

    What's your yearly financial goal to reach one day?

    I'm doing about 12k per month. Little slow down in the winter months. Im finding it hard to do much more than that as a one man operation. I would like to eventually build this to 35k per month. I think this is doable with 3 trucks. 2 employees plus myself. I have only been in business 2 years...
  9. Travis Teague

    Tile only

    Sorry for poking fun at you. There is some money in specialization. Talk to AZstone. If you get into high end stone and tile or hardwood you can make a lot more per square foot.
  10. Travis Teague

    Tile only

    Is this the clean tile you were think about? Some guy posted this on the Facebook side of TMF. Too funny to pass up.
  11. Travis Teague

    Tile only

    Are you saying that you are grossed out by cleaning carpet? There is a lot of nastiness in this industry and if you got a weak stomach I would say this business is not for you. I think it is like twice a week I pull the lever on the waste tank and don't realize the hose is not hooked up until I...
  12. Travis Teague

    El Diablo Slide in

    Are they reverse threads? I have never messed with mine so I'm not sure.
  13. Travis Teague

    El Diablo Slide in

    I got an el diebalo truckmount with a diesel heater. Works good so far I have only been using it for 3 months and it has 2400 hours.
  14. Travis Teague

    Obama's gone....Roaring 20's begin again !!!

    Anderson, you are exactly right. Talking to the left is pointless they are delusional. A cult is a good description. I would even say that liberalism has evolved into a religion. They say that conservatives are science deniers but in all realities they can not even see facts and science. If you...
  15. Travis Teague

    Concrete staining

    Update on my concrete job. Custy texted me at 8pm said her husband said it was to much money and they decided to not do it. The job is scheduled for Tomorrow morning and I already purchased the sealer, stain and , stripper. $400 worth of chemicals. I hope the supplier takes back the product. 2k...
  16. Travis Teague

    Concrete staining

    Wow, not sure why that would fail like that.
  17. Travis Teague


    Admin, what is the deal with Samsung not being able to post photos? Says file is too big. I have to go to the web view to post photos.
  18. Travis Teague

    Sofa issue

    I see yellow/brown marks on it. Did your tech cause that or was it there before? I would try mild acid to try to correct that issue. Then encap, brush it then vacuum real well. The light colored natural fiber upholstery sucks to clean. I had one similar that would brown when wet and looked dirty...
  19. Travis Teague

    What octane are you running through your TMs?

    85 octane here. Never had a issue. Some people say the ethanol free is better for small motors. You can get it at only one station I know of around here but it cost a lot more.
  20. Travis Teague

    Concrete staining

    Why did it look bad? Poor quality sealer? What happened with it?
  21. Travis Teague

    Reflecting on last year and looking forward to the coming slow down.

    This business is very seasonal. Been busy all year except September was slow and October was okay but nothing to get excited over. November and december should pick up with holiday parties. When things get slow I tend to spend money. I need to stop that.
  22. Travis Teague

    Cold Client Operators

    If you are off grid and in a tiny home it might be worth renting a heated space to keep your equipment. I would love to rent a commercial building with room to park a few trucks and shelves to store extra chemicals. I could get my garage back for other things.
  23. Travis Teague

    Big bid

    I like the sq footage better than the per hour. If you change per hour they think you are getting lawyer rates. When in reality you have a lot of expenses that come out of the $200.