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  1. wesley299

    Kleenrite flood Pumper Brand new

    I bought a business out and he had a Kleenrite flood pumper never used still in box I don’t need as I have a truckmount make an offer or if you want pics let me know
  2. wesley299

    El Diablo

    What to look for when buying a used El diablo
  3. wesley299

    Need help with pricing mold job

    I have to give an estimate on gutting a two car garage where there was a leak and now there is mold on all the walls and contents. I now how to do the job but not sure of how to price it. It's 20 by 25 and ten foot ceilings. Any thoughts ? Sent from my iPad using TMF Forums mobile app
  4. wesley299

    First Time color sealing suggestions please

    So client of mine is selling her house had white grout we cleaned and color is still uneven looks better not great. She wants to color seal grout it's 5 bathrooms and all small one inch tile how should I do this? What's the best product ? What should I charge ? Any help would be great thanks...
  5. wesley299

    Has anyone removed Mira Matt finish off tile

    I have client that put down sealer on floor and wants it romoved so I was thinking using floor stripper I have for VCT and scrubbing with 175 brushes any thoughts love suggestions would like to be hero ? Sent from my iPhone using TMF For
  6. wesley299

    How to build a cleaning crew ?

    So looking into building a cleaning crew for my nite accounts has anyone done this ? How many to a crew how long do they work? How do you keep track of quality and keep them organized? Would love some suggestion I got a ton of work and really need a good crew!
  7. wesley299

    Removing fire extinguisher powder

    So weird problem a guy I do regular work for had an apartment water heater that blew a pipe and filled apartment with steam. The tenant thought it was a fire and sprayed extinguisher all over apt. So owner is paying for water damage tenant has renters insurance they are paying for powder clean...
  8. wesley299

    Cleaning cotton

    So have a client that has cotton blinds and they got water damaged and turned the cotton brown she wants me to clean and remove brown if possible I told her it is unlikely but I would try anyone have suggestions ? Sent from my iPhone using TMF For
  9. wesley299

    VCT pricing

    I got offered to bid on a store to strip and wax three coats floor is in decent shape no moving all open space any idea what to charge for sq just looking for an idea as never bid on commercial store space any help greatly appreciated Sent from my iPhone using TMF For
  10. wesley299

    Concrete polishing

    So I have a customer who has colored concrete floor it was suppose to be smooth when they poured but is little ruff she wants it polished what's the best way to accomplish this I have a buffer and a cimetidine would one of them work or should I just walk away help please Sent from my iPhone...
  11. wesley299


    I just revamped my website and still looking at ways to improve it any suggestions welcomed thanks Sent from my iPhone using TMF For