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    The Wonder Wand....

    The wonder wand I have been using a wonder wand with my blue wave truck mount for the last six years, Forget the rollers you can remove them they are not needed, The wand slides on the carpet really well & dresses the pile really nicely on the pull stroke, If your using it with a tm you will...
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    Prochem Apex diesel owners

    Any apex diesel owners out there? Or diesel tm owners I’m not asking if it’s a good machine I would guess the performance is very similar to any kubota 3 cylinder machine. What I would really like is peoples views on is diesel fuelled tm’s. What are the pros and cons of a diesel truckmount...
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    Hi rob I have a blue wave that has an impossible to set spring relief valve. I was thinking of...

    Hi rob I have a blue wave that has an impossible to set spring relief valve. I was thinking of fitting your fee flow valve but I couldn't find it in your store? Do you still sell them and would you ship to the uk. Michael
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    Exhaust Through the Floor

    I did this some 8 years ago, the bends are from a car intercooler system, 3" chrome tube runs into a cherry bomb exhaust that i have fitted under the floor. it makes the machine a lot quieter. Let me know if you need any more photos/info
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    titan silver exhaust?

    I was looking for a non metal tube BUT i may look in to that. thanks for your help:supercool:
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    titan silver exhaust?

    Anybody know where i can get some silver exhaust hose as seen on the hm titan on the heat test video clip??? spent 1hr looking on the web, all i can find is!!
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    i have just picked up my blueline tm

    :)after owninig my prochem performer 405 for six years, i have just picked up my brand new blueline blue wave truckmount. lots more vac and heat only problem so far is noise, its much louder then the performer. i am going tomorrow to have a s/steel exhaust fitted, i will let you know how i get on.