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  1. OneBlueSummer

    Stripping Pergo Laminate Plank Flooring

    Place looked terrible for new home owner. Multiple layers of dry splotchy whatever on pergo. We used zep and then cobbs floor stripper. It was melting some away but it just kept coming layer by layer. It would look good then dry and terrible. One thing I noticed was when the floor machine...
  2. OneBlueSummer

    Alternative to Ultra Pac or Matrix Grand Slam Fragrance Free

    They changed the formula about 6 months ago, its watered down and just wont cut the same even if i go 4 to 1. Anyone know comparable pre spray that is a : Safer Butyl Family Frag Free Liquid ? Basically a frag free traffic lane cleaner thats liquid and wont turn me into a zombie
  3. OneBlueSummer

    Newbie WD ?'s

    You show up to flood, water has already been stopped. Have them sign something saying we can bill their insurance ? Does anyone have an example of what to have them sign? or just keep it basic? At that point they probably dont know who there home insurance is through I am guessing. What has...
  4. OneBlueSummer

    Infared for urine

    Wont the salts make it show up on an infared camera? I know if they are wet they will show, anyone try this?
  5. OneBlueSummer

    Like New 8400DX Mytee Dry Upholstery Tool

    Comes with plug inserts, extra vac hose and glide. Does NOT come with neoprene velcro sleeve that wrapped around solution line fittings. I also dont reccomend getting one as it creates an oven that melts stuff and degrades your fittings and seals. You can see in pic my fittings started melting...
  6. OneBlueSummer

    Non sticky color seal?

    Ive always been against it but there are times it just makes since.. kinda. Anyways Ive noticed all the crap color seal jobs ive run into the paint is always sticky .. or tacky. Im sure most that do it use some latex paint or something. Is there a color sealer that doesn't get sticky when...
  7. OneBlueSummer

    Employee Pre Paid Debit Cards?

    What are y'all using so they can buy gas, pay for oil change etc? For now Ive been just collecting recipts and paying them back but im trying to stream line this and digitize it. Am I missing some easy new app or something?
  8. OneBlueSummer

    100% fast track install instead of shelving and hooks etc?

    Anyone ever done 100% fast track instal? Ive use some in the past but wondering if I could get away with only using these esspesially now that I found these resign baskets, they look like they could fit 2 gallons of chem...
  9. OneBlueSummer

    Plastic Shelving

    Anyone know that company I think it was in Florida that did custom shelving, and you could get differernt colors like red green blue etc? Looking to outfit a new van and want to go plastic where I can, Thanks dudes
  10. OneBlueSummer

    Tony Dang Proves He's Leading The Pack!

    They say pictures are worth a 1,000 words so here ya go. Let me know if you want more? Also guess what sizes these bad boys are?
  11. OneBlueSummer

    Myteeee dri falling apart

    I've used the tool 4 times, never dropped it, always been in its back pack: The glide just falls out The glide was never flush The glide is sharp and sticks out Half the water is wasted as it flows out the bottom, before it even hits the jet, eve with new glide and gasket Solution hose melted...
  12. OneBlueSummer

    Ok give me an SEO company that actually does something?

    I've hired I can't count how many bs companys. They all say the same crap, and I have never had ranking improved. I've never even had one get me a link, yes I said not even one link. The current one I have just told me with my monthy report "Right now we are in the process of auditing all of...
  13. OneBlueSummer

    Carpet Cleaning Spokane

    We are the best carpet cleaner in Spokane.