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  1. Joe Kennedy

    Saphire Scietific 870 Issue

    looks like a transmission cooler! gesh
  2. Joe Kennedy

    PMF Titanium Wands Thread

    No comparison love the pistol grip
  3. Joe Kennedy

    PMF Titanium Wands Thread

    Still working well today!
  4. Joe Kennedy

    Fermented carpets in closed down nightclub-Help!

    Recommend them calling SS they are allergy certified [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Joe Kennedy

    Mechanically-Challenged! Help Please!

    Use a 90 degree fitting to change the angle. Lowe's Home Depot etc. don't forget to wrap them threads with ptfe teflon tape to prevent leaks!
  6. Joe Kennedy

    Post a funny picture!!!

  7. Joe Kennedy

    Sutorbilt blower

    When you remove both plates you must also set the lash between the lobe ends and the walls of the plates.
  8. Joe Kennedy

    Sutorbilt blower

    I have completely rebuilt a roots blower and yes you have to retime it or it will self destruct! As for sutorbilt I have not messed with one.
  9. Joe Kennedy

    I did my first suicide clean up last night

    On the lighter side today had another clean up super easy.
  10. Joe Kennedy

    Inline Filter for Portable

    Love the lint hog! I like the newest version with the perforated stainless basket versus the older mesh style basket very easy to maintain throughout the day!
  11. Joe Kennedy

    Trump or Hillary poll

  12. Joe Kennedy

    Trauma advise please

    Plain and simple it pays out! Training in this realm is key, Osha Hazwoper is only the first step. Licensing, bonding and insurances are must. CYA! My personal numbers are roughly 1k to 2.5k an hour with an average technician pay of 40 an hour each. of course those numbers can change from...
  13. Joe Kennedy

    Trauma advise please

    Oh the fun of death scene clean ups!
  14. Joe Kennedy

    Cimex replacement cord?

    Both available at Lowe's
  15. Joe Kennedy

    Cimex replacement cord?

    I agree change the plug if thats all thats needed. use an industrial "hospital" grade plug. If the cord need replaced the best I have found is at Lowes. In the extension cord section the have yellow industrial cords. Simply cut off the femail plug and hard wire into the machine. The yelow jacket...
  16. Joe Kennedy

    Pump went out today, need help!

    Could be a bad regulator also stuck in bypass ?!?!
  17. Joe Kennedy

    My First Truckmount With Complete Rebuild PROJECT TIME!

    Yes I did with a new donut gasket works like a charm
  18. Joe Kennedy

    I did my first suicide clean up last night

    We just got done doing a decomp, guy was left in a apt for 2 weeks and was total human soup. I actually love the job, helps the decedents family and makes great money.
  19. Joe Kennedy

    Worst wicking ever / Dam it

    Had one just like it last week, changed padding, sealed subfloor and cleaned carpet looks perfect with no residual smells. Customer was happy to have not changed the 6month old rental carpet :)
  20. Joe Kennedy

    Amtex dies again, 2x in 2 days... Buyer beware

    Any photos or info on the unloader install and or plumbing :)